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  Cop Cruiser
Rating: 9.0/10
This cop car is absolutely definitely better than the original one. Look at the nice model, not to mention the kick-ass skin!! It kicks the originals butt, get this replacement now.
 Made by CWR & Scarehead
  '63 Vette
Rating: 9.5/10
This Vette is awesome, unfortunately it is often overlooked, but it just rules, just because it is so detailed!! It was modelled by the great CWR and then textured and set up by the master of C2 editing; Dark Knight.
 Made by CWR & Ravage
  GT Vette
Rating: 10/10
The best Vette out there, accurately detailed and shedloads better than the original 'Red Vette'. This kick-ass car was made by CWR, with a masterful assist by DK...
 Made by CWR & Ravage
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