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  What is the Destruction Derby 2 to Carmageddon 2 Total Conversion?
In 1996, Psygnosis released Destruction Derby 2 on the PC and PSone as the successor to the higly popular Destruction Derby. At the time, it was considered one of the most realistic and entertaining car combat games yet. In the following years, however, with the launch of the Carmageddon franchise and subsequent releases of more Twisted Metal sequals, DD2 slowly faded into obscurity, but continued to maintain a very loyal following. Now, with the release of this total conversion by the ever-amazing Harmalarm, we can experiance DD2 on a completely different level! Utilizing the Carmageddon 2 engine, while keeping the spirit of DD2, this T/C will surely thrill fans of both classic games!

General Information
This is the total conversion mod for Carmageddon 2!

The mod replaces all original game content with fresh and newly modelled Destruction Derby 2 stuff!

  • 7 new racetracks
  • 4 destruction derby bowls
  • 22 cars
  • New menu layout
  • Custom cutscenes
  • LAN play (net-play ONLY for very fast connections)

  • The mod is currently still in testing phase, but feel free to download the first test version and start playing!

    Download the DD2 to C2 T/C by clicking here. Additionally, you can also download the original opening cutscenes from DD2 to further enhance your experiance, by clicking here.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Currently, the mod is packed in single archive. Simply run the .exe and extract the content to any directory you wish.

    2. In order to play the mod, you will need a 3dfx Wrapper. You can either use Zeckenacks Glide wrapper ( or NGlide (

    3. To play the game on LAN mode, run the CarmaUDPLoader.exe. Press the autodetect button and press play! If you want to play the game in single player mode, the carma2_hw.exe will do.

    You can post your comments, request, tips, bugs, and issues over at the devWAM forum in the dd2mod topic.



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