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  • WamEd v1 BETA; Utility to generate/modify WAM files with ez (by StaticTek)
  • Mapstockalypse; Utility to easily install and/or remove add-on maps (by StaticTek)
  • Carstockalypse; Utility to easily install and/or remove add-on cars (by Ben Beard)
  • Pimp; Utility to install and/or remove add-on cars
    [note: I never tested/tried this one!] (by Arcas Software)
  • TWTsuite; Utility to pack and/or unpack the TWT file format [note: use at own risk!] (by Admkirk)
  • SaveEd; excellent utility that lets you edit your savegames [Includes VBR-libraries] (by Bagel)
  Files & Other shit
  • UK Savegame; A save game, which gives you access to all cars and maps, APO and lots of money - by X-Ray
  • Eagle Hack; A modification to the black eagle: it weighs about 99tons and can't be wasted - by X-Ray
  • Arena Patch; A patch which replaces the first 2 levels with the 2 deathmatch arenas - by X-Ray
  • Chrome Tail; A chrome skin of some sort for the Mutant tail thing - by Andreas Wiehn
  • Chrome Tail II; A bloodied chrome skin for the Mutant tail thing - by Andreas Wiehn
  • Rusty Mines; A rusty skin for the mines scattered around the levels - by Andreas Wiehn
  • Rusty Tail; A bloody, rusty skin for the mutant tail thing - by Extreem
  • Rusty Mines; A rusty skin with 'DANGER' skull for the mines - by Extreem
  • Plates Pack; Licence plate pack containing 6 great plates, cool!! - by Jack Flash 954
  • Demo Patches; Several cracks for the C2 demo, including time and opponent cars,... - by Max Damage
  • CarEd Tutorial; The best tutorial for CarEd around, i learned everything from this one - by Ravage
  • Carmageddon 2 Demo; The original Carma2 Demo. It lets you race the Eagle III in the Junkyard track - by Stainless
  Actual Editors
The universal editor Stainless used to create all the cars, tracks and peds in carmageddon II, This editor is not easy to use, but once you know how to use it, it's the best, it knocks out the opposition in all fields, it does remain undocumentated, but a quick trip to Toxic Ragers for some tutorials and this is solved! Some people will call it unstable as it crashes, when you perform certain things, but after a while you'll learn to live with it. oh and contrary to what most people believe you cannot model in this prog, you need to model in a 3d package and import the model into this one when it's finished, then texture it and set it up - by Stainless Software

A car editor, which allows you to model, texture and compile cars, surprisingly enough it is quite easy to get started with it, recommended for the regular Joe Public who thinks he's good at computers and wants to give it a shot. It includes a tutorial, as well as the Italdesign Cala 'example' car. Once you advance you soon realise that it's texturing capabilities are wack, (for precise texture mapping use Plaything 2) . So if you're upto it use plaything 2 rather than cared - by Ben Beard.

Due to a lot of people requesting tutorials or asking me the same stupid questions over and over again i uploaded the rather excellent Carmaking tutorial for CarEd by Ravage aka Dark Knight - thanks man!

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