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Carmageddon 2 Skin Installation Tutorial

Sinero: You have just downloaded a skin for Carma 2, but you canít figure out how to install it. Well, have no fear, we here at Crashocalypse know your pain (yeah, right) and we are in deep concern for your sanity (not really). So, get ready to rack that olí noodle and take a crash course in yet another exciting skin-installing tutorial!

To use as an example, weíre just going to say that I just downloaded the Black Lemonade skin by DeviantMan for Booseís Rodster, just because it is one of my favorite skins (no disrespect intended) of all time, okay? Great!

Okay, the first step is probably the hardest step of them all: downloading the skin...what? You already did? Then why the hell are you reading this for, you moron! Argh, letís go to step two, shall we?

Once you have downloaded the skin, open the file with WinZip. Okay, once you have opened the skin in WinZip, there should be a list of files in the zip, am I right? Good! Now, in this case, all the .tiff files you want are set up to the black_lemonade\BlackLemonade Tiffrgb\ directory. Select all of them, and prepare for step three!

Okay, youíve made it this far, letís see if you can keep it up now. As you may or may not know, once you install a car, all of the carís files (except for the .c2c file, which is the file that allows you to have the car in the game, and the menu images, which I will not get into) are placed in itís rightful folder in the Carma 2\data\cars directory, and if you want to install a skin for a certain car, you MUST know the folderís name that it is in. Okay, now I know that the Rodsterís folder name is ĎRodsterí, so what you would do is EXTRACT all of the selected files into that folder, making a Carma 2\data\cars\Rodster\black_lemonade\BlackLemonade Tiffrgb directory! Whew! On to step four...

Now, this next step posses a real problem for all of you that are mentally challenged or just plain dumb. This may get messy, but I have faith that you can pull it off *snicker*. Go into the last directory that I specified above, and again, select all of the .tiff files. Right click on them and press ĎCopyí. Once youíve done that, go back into the Rodsterís MAIN directory and find the folder named Ďtiffrgbí. Go into this directory, right click, Paste, and say yes to all overwrites! Your almost done now! On to the fifth and final step!

Okay, the hardest part is done now, all you have to do now is just go back into the Rodsterís main directory look to see if you have a Pix8 or Pix16 folder. If you have either one of those, delete it! Thatís right, delete! If you donít, all the hard work and effort that you put in trying to get this frigginí skin to work would have been worthless! Got it now? Good! The skin should now be ready for destruction!

Note to everybody: All skin Zip files are NOT set up the same. The moral of this tutorial: make sure you get the .tiff files into the carís (car name)\tiffrgb directory, at what ever cost! And donít forget to delete those Pix8 or Pix16 folders! I really do hope that this helps. If even after reading this you do not know how to install a skin for Carma 2 properly, donít email me, nor X-Ray or Slayer. Just go throw yourself off a building or something, and may God have mercy on your soul ;)


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