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Sheik, Rattle & Roll, Again.
June 2010 <20:47>

It's old....but it's not? One of the original desert tracks, now entirely revised and smoothed out. Comes with a new boulder noncar, too. Props to Toshiba-3 for doing most of the work. ;)
Posted by ChevyII
And a Happy New Year
January 2005 <12:02>
Best wishes for 2005 from the Crashocalypse team! To celebrate, we bring you a bunch of vehicles, mostly old but a new one too. The 84 Hellvue is a new model by Qwerty86, while 4 old models from Autopilot have been added. Those were no longer hosted anywhere since Wasted! went down. Finally, I also added the long not-so-forgotten Cougar from Ravage. Get them while they're hot!
Posted by ChevyII
We're Back! Oh, and merry Christmas, too!
December 2004 <11:32>

After an ungodly development time, gallons of sweat and much patience, the second version of Bleak City is finally here! The track has little in common w/ the original except the layout, and is way more interesting to roam around in. Features brand new objects and some great stuff from our pal Econobrick, of C.R.U.D fame! This is not the final version, though, further updates are planned to integrate other things and ideas, so keep checking the site! In other news, Slayer is still busy with his real rides, but he'll be back soon with some great goodies.
Posted by ChevyII
Midsize Economy For All!
November 14 2004 <18:47>
Another historic creation by Qwerty! This time it's an '81 Ford Fairmont, the real fox platform that spawned most downsized unibody Fords, including the '04 Mustang. It's also the first time Qwerty modeled full 3D engine and chassis and it's a keeper! In other news, Slayer is busy w/ very nice goodies that should be here whenever he finishes building his new PC and I could get around releasing the new, updated Bleak City track sometime soon, too.
Posted by ChevyII
Two In A Row!!
July 22 2004 <18:47>
Just a quickie to announce Qwerty's last creation: the LeSabre! After much anticipation and discussion on the CWA board, it's finally there. Yes, this place works by go download this most excellent vehicle!
Posted by ChevyII
  Leeeeeeeeeet's go!
4 July 2004 <18:47>
New Stuff! Finally you say? Well, for now it's only one car but I do have more stuff to add by some other people soon. Anyways the Dodge Shadow i've been working off and on since last year (!) is at long last done, so click the pic there. It turned out to be about 5000 polys give or take a few. I actally put in a driver this time too, of course it had to be Lamont Cranston himself although he looks like shit:)
 Posted by Slayer
  What the fuck is this?
21 May 2004 <1:24>
I'll tell you what this is, it's my last, feeble attempt to get this place running again. I've now gotten my new computer and things are starting to come together in my favor. Hopefully, with a lot of luck and a lot of sheer motivation, we'll once again be up and functioning normally...yeah, whatever :P
 Posted by cArmAkAze
  It's that time of the month!
5 January 2004 <1:37>
Well, nothing to be added, but at least it's an update. I haven't had much time on my hands recently, but I should be getting more free time in the future. So for the time being, please bare with us. Anyway, I will be fixing up the place a little bit, fixing broken links and updating things. Within a week or two, this place should be as clean as a whistle :). If you have any Carma 2 files that you would like to have posted, just send them to me and I'll post them ASAP. My apologies to Slayer and ChevyII for my absence. Hopefully after I get my taxes back, I will be able to afford a new computer, which would be great. Well, that's all for now. Tune in next month!! ;)
 Posted by cArmAkAze
  A new car!
4 December 2003 <12:08>
Time for that monthly update! Hey, it's better than nothing:) Anyways, yeah, new car! 'tis a plain ole '86 Ford LTD 4 door with a nice shiney 351 cleveland under the hood. Click on the pic there to get it. Many times when I'd release a car I'd say I might eventually make a simpler version of it, well for this one I actually did it! Normally this car weighs in at a hefty 7024 polys which many people think is too high. (not for me dammit!) the LTD-lite version is a more trim 4500 which I think is pretty good The trade off here is a lo-res dash, flat chassis and a simpler engine, but looking at the body it's just as good. Until next we should have some nice new stuff
 Posted by Slayer
  Mirada not Marauder!
3 November 2003 <17:46>
First up, I finally finshed my mirada, for those of you have never heard of it, it was a car built by dodge from 1980-83 based on the Chrysler Cordoba to compete with cars like the Thunderbird and Monte carlo. They're pretty rare today with only about 6000 built in the 3 years of production. There are still a couple of things i want to do with it, but it is quite enjoyable as-is. Click on the pic to get 'er. I'll probably add a different version of it at some point with a 360 motor to replace the little 225 slant six (just like what i'm doing in the real one:) After this, I'm not sure what my next cars' gonna be, maybe something along the lines of a omni or something or at least some kind of shitbox.

Also, I added another 6 of Laurent Fraisse's bel-air mods, the convertible one isn't up yet though, cause i can't get it to work right for him. When i do, that'll be up with the rest. Later
 Posted by Slayer
Skins O Plenty
18 October 2003 <13:03>
Another 2 months go by without an update, what else is new?:) Right now i'm working on a my own car for C2, a 80 dodge mirada which you can see see a couple of pics of the real deal here here and here and the C2 version right here it's not quite done yet, gimme a couple of days to do a little tweaking here and there. In the mean time I have the first 10 of 18 '59 chevy bel-air mods a guy by the name of Laurent Fraisse did, he actually sent them way back in june but you know how this place works. Also I finally put up Judderman's crazy weird skin for ADR corvette, the paint changes depending on the angle you look at it, yeah, the same stuff that's popular with the ricer crowd these days. Get it in his section. So in a couple of days come back as my mirada will be up along with the other 8 bel-air mods.
Posted by Slayer
Le Big Party!
13 August 2003 <17:19>
To make this update an even more exceptional event, I give you the one and only Deathstreet! Finally ready after all that time, and includes a few grab Slayer's Fury and go trash the place!

Posted by ChevyII
13 August 2003 <15:26>
An update! This place had one foot in the grave for what seems like a year, but thanks to boose over at wasted we have our good 'ol nav bar back! It seemed like such a simple problem but me nor cArmAkAze knew how to fix it plus, as i'm sure you all know, we're lazy as all hell.

Anyways the point of all this is that I actually have something to release and there will be more! First is a car i previewed at the cwaboard a couple of months ago, a 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury. It's a big barge, but they can really move with a 390hp "six barrel" 440. For the first time in ages I actually put a driver in there too! Click on the pic to get it. Come back again, we're not quite dead yet!
Posted by Slayer
28 May 2003 <10:34>
An update! And there will be more updates coming, I promise! And soon! This site will be humpin' in the next couple of days :D!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Site fuckedupness
25 February 2003 <13:43>
Yes, I am aware that the toolbar on the side is missing. Right now, I'm too busy and too lazy to fix it, but all of the pages are sill up. If you want to know where anything is, e-mail me here and I will tell you where it is. Sorry for any inconveniances...
Posted by cArmAkAze
Hell, on ice!
15 February 2003 <11:05>
Just a quickie update, I have added autopilot's excellent new 1973 Datsun 510 to his page. It is a real beauty, as far as shit-boxes go. I also added his Hello Kitty car, just for a laugh, but hey, it's still hella fun! Enjoy, and hopefully we'll hear from Slayer in the near future *hint hint*...
Posted by cArmAkAze
He's back?!
23 November 2002 <22:40>
Yep, hopefully to stay this time. If you have anything to send in, send it to yet another new email addy, as my other one was a fuck-up. Fucking computer suks shit.
Posted by cArmAkAze
1,000,000 damn dollars!!
4 November 2002 <10:24>
long time no read, not much going on around here as usual, but for now i'll post a preview of a car i'm working on it's a bit of an oddity i guess but i like 'em, it's a 62 Plymouth Savoy with love 'em or hate 'em styled lines but they pack a punch with the 405hp cross-ram 413. it should be done pretty soon

I guess this happened sometime yesterday or the day before, but we passed a great milestone here at crashoc, 1,000,000 hits!:) (sure,the pic is fake, but you get to see what the million would have looked like:))yeah, i know DTD did this long ago, but fuck it...and besides our counter was a dead link for months so many hits didn't get counted. It's been a pretty long road, well over 3 years since X-ray original incarnation of the site, a few people including X-ray have come gone over the years and hopefully we'll keep going a while longer with some fresh blood 'round here maybe.... anyways, i'll do an update later on tonight or tomorrow with some new cars for ya.
Posted by Slayer409
Why the lack of updates?
26 September 2002 <19:09>
Hey guys, sorry for another long hiatus. About two months ago, I got me a job working around 30 hours a week, plus school, and when I'm at neither places, I'm hanging out with friends, or just gone somewhere. I'm in the middle of a total restoration of my headquarters (room) and in the process of spicing up the Monte, which I figure will take another couple of months, and in that time I will be getting back into full swing. So please, bear with me. At least we all have Slayer to look forward to :)
Posted by cArmAkAze
Gm Chrysler! i can't afford that!
18 September 2002 <20:24>
Got a couple of new cars here for ya, a '74 Ford Gran Torino and a 1979 Chrysler LeBaron. They're both 3ds file conversions that ChevyII has done, (he seems to do these well :) )they are both extremely accurate and fun to drive so I suggest you check 'em both out, I espeially like that LeBaron...

Also, Judderman sent me a skin for the 71 Mach 1 eons ago which i neglected to add to the site, so here ya go, it's supposed to make it look like the '73 that was in the original Gone in 60 secs, good job. Keep those skins comin' and I'll probably have a few shots of what i'm working on now next time...shhhh
Posted by Slayer409
Its raining cats and WetDogx2
18 July 2002 <22:14>
Well, once again our chap from the CWA Board antes up a tasty little morsel for download. I present... "An Ode To Slayer" by WetDogx2. Download here.
Posted by agp66mhz
Argh mateys!
16 July 2002 <16:57>
Woohoo! 3 new skins from our good friend at the CWA Board, WetDogx2! Nice stuff eh? All for AdR's Saleen, so if you don't already have the car, bugger on over to Driven To Destruction and grab the car. Then run back here and get the skins!
Posted by agp66mhz
Death to rice...
12 July 2002 <14:16>
Well... I'll let Raven-X explain it best... heres a lil' snippet...

Well, i think you won't see anything bout my car on here anymore. Seeing it got hit by a big rig last night.

Our hearts go out to ya Rave, Some of us here have lost something we worked very hard for due to uncontrollable circumstances. The question thats burning in my mind is do you know who did it? Can you collect insurance on it? Will it be enough to buy another car? Who knows... maybe you, the reader, and I should both go the CWA Board and post on the topic. Click the pic to go there.

Posted by agp66mhz
No Image Available
8 July 2002 <17:08>
Argh, I don't own c1! So, the 2 cars (and one motorcycle) I just posted from Deep Blue himself will be a suprise. Ah yes, a bright side to the equation, download for the suprise! Check out the C1 cars section for Deep Blue's newest c1 creations... and I still cant find my pants...

UPDATE by cArmAkAze: Added the image for the Swamp Rat (only one I could get working, I'm still a rookie at adding cars for C1). Sorry for the shittyness of it's quality, I'll TRY to get the other two up later.
Posted by agp66mhz
The water is Deep too!
8 July 2002 <0:29>
Ok, pay no attention to my non-sense title. But if you do know the joke, send me an email and i'll send you a cookie. Oh well, either way, i'm just getting on here to once again do a "pre-news post" about upcoming files. Currently I cannot reach the internet from my own computer and am there for unable to update this wonderful site with Deep Blue's new C1 cars and motorcylces! So hold on, i'll be back shortly with my pants... I mean the files... whatever...
Posted by agp66mhz
what the hell?
3 July 2002 <5:38>
I believe it's been close to 2 months since i did an update here, but i'll try to do 'em more often now....Firstly today, I finally finished the '63 Pontiac bonneville i've been working on off and on for what seems like months..Anyways, it's done so click the piccy to get 'er. My next project will most likely be the long-delayed '62 plymouth 413 max wedge that myself and adr will be doing, so stay tuned for some preview shots of that soon.

Also, I got a couple of more cars from ChevyII, thems' being a Limo version of his '85 mercury marguis and a nice looking 1980 chevy monte carlo which comes a few different color skins and an option for bigger wheels..i suggest you nab 'em both
Posted by Slayer409
26 May 2002 <23:25>
...hold on to yer socks. MAJOR update coming tomorrow, adding loads of new stuff, getting rid of old stuff, and adding 'old' stuff. Watch your fuckin' socks...
Posted by cArmAkAze
3 April 2002 <6:06>
Hey hey hey folks, we have yet another update for ye! We have two very awesome vehicles for C2 by one of the newest modlers on the scene, ChevyII. As Slayer mentioned a few days ago, they are a 1981 Mercury Marquis and a 1987 Ford Econoline, both of which are very awesome and well worth downloading! I still have his best to come, a 1983 Camaro, which should be up soon, so keep checkin' back! I also have a few skins, and a few more cars from Killerlord coming soon, including a very awesome update to his already sweet McLaren F1 car, so expect Crashoc to be the place o' places in the next few weeks =). Laterz!
Posted by cArmAkAze
31 March 2002 <8:39>
Just a quickie update, I uploaded the '67 Dodge Charger to Slayer's Page 5, and there should be no trouble downloading it (I hope). I also revived the SOTW with one of my own, so don't forget to send in those screenies folks!

(UPDATE): Since I've abandoned this site for so long, I think the site needs a little TLC. I'm going to clean this place up a bit, starting with the Links Page and the Affiliates. If you have a Carma site and it is not currently listed on the Links Page, but would like it to be or be an Affiliate, send me a e-mail here. Thanks :)
Posted by cArmAkAze
59 stuff
27 March 2002 <16:01>
No, it ain't done yet, but it soon will's a couple of progress pics of the '59 Chevy bel-air, it's pretty much all there model-wise including a 850 poly 6 cylinder engine and detailed dash. All that's missing are door handles and few other minor details...and as for textures they're almost done too. Now, you may be sayin to yourself', that paint looks kinda shitty, well it's supposed to as the images I used for the body are from a car with well worn paint on purpose as it is supposed to be a certain someone's real car:), but i'm probably gonna include another skin with to change the color to red or something as well.

and what would an update be without a car for ya to play with? well, this ain't no car and is one of the handfull of pickups to be released for C2, a '87 GMC sierra pick-up...the screenie is a shot of it in plaything as I wasn't able to reinstall C2 yet after formatting a while ago. But I tested it before hand so I know it works.. The truck was originaly a 3ds model and was converted to C2 by Chevy II. It's pretty complex at over 8000 polys but still ran pretty good even on my celery 366 because it uses mostly small has really fun handling too, so check it out:)and he has a few more converted cars ready to go as I mentioned last week, so check back for those too...later
Posted by Slayer409
23 March 2002 <19:18>
I guess you can say that Slayer's post gave me a little bit of inspiration to FINALLY get this car posted, so here it is :). It is a fantastik Formula 1 car made by Killerlord. I highly recommend you go and download that bad bitch, you will not be disappointed. More updates to come as soon as I feel like it...

And for anyone who gives a rats ass, I finally got my driver licence on March 13th, so yay for me :D
Posted by cArmAkAze
23 March 2002 <17:40>
that was a long tomorrow huh? anyways,' kaze is being a lazy bitch like me so that's why nothing got added.......there'll be some cool stuff here real soon tho, i got my 59 bel-air almost finshed with a 63 pontiac bonneville on the way later......Chevy II also sent me a few really cool 3ds models he converted to C2 as well being a '88 GMC sierra pick-up, 85 mercury marquis and 83 camaro Z28 that'll be here soon, so if you'll forgive us for the lack of updates so far this year, they'll start picking up soon i promise, so keep coming back and thanks for sticking with us:)
Posted by Slayer409
Get your funk on...
7 March 2002 <20:55>
...tomorrow. God life sucks. Well anyway, an awesome update tomorrow, or maybe even tonight, if I feel like it. It is a car, probably not what you would expect, so I'll leave it at that (very cool though), Sorry for the huge fucking hiatus, it's been a tough month and a half around here and I've struggled to find time to update this place. Well, the car should be posted soon, and when I post it, I'll let you know

And I also hear good things from Judderman, which I'll get more in depth about later. That's all for now, just enjoy the update!
Posted by cArmAkAze
30 January 2002 <8:48>
sorry for the lack of updates (again).we're goin through another one of those dry spells...I've been busy with work and haven't had much time for carma or this site in the last couple of weeks and i guess it's the same story for 'kaze as well. Anyways, things should pick up again soon as I've got some stuff coming up and I've begun work on my very own track, right now it's just a map drawn on paper, but i've already done a few drones for it and i'll be startin' it soon... i'm planning on making it huge, or as big as the game can handle, so it might take a while, but i'm hoping it'll be the best add-on track ever....(if it ever gets finshed>:)
Posted by Slayer409
13 January 2002 <18:48>
A little late I guess, but here they are, the first cars of the new year!:) First off is one of my fav cars of all time, a 1961 chrysler 300 that I have been quite slow to get released. I'm still working on it so think of this as a sort of beta release, I'm still pondering doing an all chromed effect version of it after ADR gave me the idea...we'll see. Also as you've probably seen over at DTD or the cwaboard that me and ADR are working on a '67 charger together... We each did about half of the body and interior. I modeled a 1000 poly 440 for it and he did an awesome's coming together nicely and should be done soon.'s another car I've been meaning to release and that's the '67 chrysler newport, mkIII actually, as it's the 3rd one of these exact cars i've modeled for C2, the reason being that I have a real one and like to keep updating it as the newer cars I release get more and more detailed. So click on the 'ol piccy's to get these chrysler beasts..Also,I've put them up on the main site for download for now as many people seen to have trouble with fileplanet....I'll look into moving them to a different server soon...later
Posted by Slayer409
!raeY weN yppaH
1 January 2002 <0:00>
Sorry for no updates guys, having some nagging problems with my comp, which should all be cleared up by Wednesday. Anyway, since I have nothing to update now, I just thought I would reflect on the year gone by: it fuckin' sucked. Except for finding my first true love (the '77 Monte, of course!), this was the worst fucking year in ages...anyway that's my 2 cents, hope yours was better than mine and have a very pleasant 2002, I hope I can.

Well, since I'm here, I'd like to send out a few THANK YO'S to some guys that have helped me through 2001 and beyond: Axle, Slayer, X-Ray, Judderman, Alan, & Puma. I'd also like to send out a few NO THANK YO'S to some guys who suck-ass: AdR & The Beast...well, that's about it :D
Posted by cArmAkAze
a somewhat fat update
22 December 2001 <16:36>
Barg, updates are gettin a bit few and far between, i'm havin the same problem 'kaze had, but now he's vanished into thin air instead of me...anyways, onto another update, and as usual, another update means another car, but this time i got a few other things too. First off is a 1971 Mustang Mach 1, made from my notchback model, but still 'tis a great car so get 'er in my section Now dammit!

...and now somethingfor you C1 freaks out there, a couple of brand new (sort of:) addon cars for C1! Deep_Blue converted a couple of my C2 cars to C1 and he did a great job on 'em, so click on the pic of the flamin' 49 merc to get 'em, he's got more C1 goodies on the way too...and lastly, it's been a while since there's been an addon skin put up here, so here's one for ya, a dandy skin for the 67 cutlass by newcomer to the scene Jonny P. it's in the various C2 skins section. Me likes, so get it too...
Posted by Slayer409
haulin' ass
16 December 2001 <8:55>
I ment to have a few cars released here today, but i've been busy and haven't had time to get them all finished. But for now here's one a '67 Chrysler Town and Country, a real mopar hauler:) It's pretty complex at 6000 polys or so, but i didn't have much trouble with it slowing down my game, click on the pic of it to get that wood paneling beast. I'll have a few more cars out real soon so keep on coming back.
Posted by Slayer409
Gtx me
30 November 2001 <10:08>
Beast previewed this one for me a while back at dtd, It's been a good few months since then, and here it is, a '67 plymouth gtx. I did a huge thrash on it trying to get it released last night but it didn't happen, anyways click on the pic to get 'er. The 61 chrysler 300 is almost done too, so expect to see that around here soon as well.
Posted by Slayer409
The verdict is in...
27 November 2001 <22:28>

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Rice-Rocket Power
24 November 2001 <12:01>
Welcome back Slayer! Finally, I am not all alone :). It has been a long couple of months for me and this site, but expect it to be back up to regular updates by at least Christmas. In the meantime, check out those busy peeps over @ DTD, as they keep popping out all kinds of new shit. The latest of the new shit is this '97 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the most ultimately, overrated ricerocket of them all. This one has been long awaited for me, I highly recommend you download this and do what I do to it: beat the living hell out of it. That's all it is good for :).

And don't forget, download Slayer's latest masterpiece, his most excellent '77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which also happens to be my most precious daily driver! Get it right here, and please handle with care..PLEASE?!? And I have a lot of files to get posted, and they should all be up by Monday: 2 skins from Judderman, and a car from both new-comer Rekker and SouLSuRFeR. So, keep those files coming! We're back in business :D!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Behold! He Returns!
22 November 2001 <13:31>
Finally, it must have been 6 months or so but i finally got a net connection back at home. So this place should come back alive in all of it's amazing glory:) Anyway's right off the bat here i'm gonna release a car fer ya, it's a 77 Chevy Monte Carlo that i got the idea to make after kaze showed me some pics of one he bought so here it is. Also, my time in hiding allowed me to make a bunch more cars, while 3 of these have already been released here, there's still much more to come, with s'more on the way to boot. here, here, here, and here are some shots of the upcoming stuff. A '67 plymouth gtx, 67 chrysler Town and Country and a '67 newport Custom which is the 3rd version of one of these i did:) Some are ready to be released others are nearly completed and others besides these on the way... either way, they'll be around here soon so check back dat.
Posted by Slayer409
No Bullshit©
3 June 2001 <22:46>
I've started a new site. The CRC, Carmageddon Review center. Just go here CRC and check out some reviews...
Posted by agp66mhz
Scar Tissue
31 May 2001 <20:44>
Hmmm, I couldn't come up with a catchy title, so since I've been lstening to this wonderful Red Hot Chili Peppers song all week, I figured what the hell :). Well, I've got some new skins for all you C2 maniacs out there, 6 of them to be exact, all of them are wonderful and by the man large-and-in-charge, DeviantMan! These skins are great, but they won't give you the creamy love goodness feeling in your pants like they do Beast (dude, anyone who gets the jollies from looking at a pic of a car in a game needs to seek professional help). Anyway, these excellent skins can be picked up on DeviantMan's new Page 5. I'm still way behind on updates, tomorrow I'll have more C2/TDR skins from two guys that are going to beat the hell out of me if I don't get them posted :). Plus, I'll be fixing up the site here and there, like links and whatnot, so if you want your link posted here or feel you are worthy enough to become an affiliate (ie. anyone), e-mail me here.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to say farewell to AdR, whose very first cars were posted here, but will be no longer. AdR is now exclusive to DTD and DTD only, so don't ever expect new AdR cars here ever again. It's been a hella hectic week and I'm going to lie down...
Posted by cArmAkAze
A little taste of cool
29 May 2001 <19:53>
I'm sooo tired. But I must update, this guy really wants his skin up here. So here it is, along with a crappy thumbnail. But you figure it out, its Slayer's 69 Mach 1 with "The Boss" TDR skin pasted on it. Also, heres a preview pic of his latest work.

UPDATE (by cArmAkAze): I replaced that crappy thumb with a better one :)
Posted by agp66mhz
Aphrodite with racing stripes....
26 May 2001 <21:08>
Here it is my friends, the last of ADR's cars to be hosted at Crashocalypse for a while. Even though our good friend ADR has become an exclusive member of DTD... well... only he can say it best...

"the cars are exclusive 'cause that's how i agreed with Beast, that if i join dtd my new cars will be exclusive, in exchange i get to have kinda like a "home" for my cars, don't you think i made that decision right away, i had to think about it for over a week, 'cause i knew that i won't be releasing my cars at crashoc anymore. But i also agreed with Beast that every once in a while i'll be releasing an exclusive car for crashoc, as a way to say thanks for everything, don't worry i won't forget about crashoc, it is, along with dtd, the best carma site ever. So this is not the end for me at crashoc"

So do not fret, you can still retrieve all the new ADR goodies (including the new 69 Charger R/T Hemi) at DTD, along with a few coming to us. Best wishes to ADR and DTD, good night ladies and gents...

Posted by agp66mhz
26 May 2001 <2:53>
Okay, I'm completely sorry for the senseless outburst Thursday, it was (somewhat) uncalled for. After a long talk and a little counsiling from Beast, I've decided to stay a little longer. I have to learn to keep my cool and not go off like that, this isn't what we're all about, we're all here to be friends and do what we love to do best: splatter peds, so next time I (or anyone of you, for that matter) get mad, don't take it out in stupid, sissy-ass words, try RUNNING DOWN PEDESTRIANS, SMASHING OTHER CARS, CAUSING MASS DESTRUCTION, etc. in Carma 2. In the meantime, I'm taking a break, and going to kill some peds...
Posted by cArmAkAze
And then there was light......
25 May 2001 <17:41>
Be not afraid followers of Crashocalypse, I have installed AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) deep within Crashocalypse to smooth out the bumps. But on a serious note, we are all deeply saddened by cArmAkAze's decision to leave the team. He needed to do this for himself, and he needed to do it for you. He felt that his worth here had expired, and he knew it was best for us all if he left the site. But fret not, the AWD should kick in soon, many a good things are coming. I've got a new skin in progress and Slayer has a plentiful bounty of model goodness to inhabit your Opponent.txt file. So once again, I utter to you the painful words that I know you all hate, but it is the truth......

Wait a little longer.... Good things are coming....

Posted by agp66mhz
Ready for updates....
20 May 2001 <22:45>
Hey all, my isp is still down, but I found an AOL disc with 3 free months on it, so that should last me long enough to fix my other probs. So now you can start sending in all those wonderful files you've been holding back. You guys hang in tight, we've got some great new projects in the works, from ADR and Slayer, so dont think we just got up and left ya! Cya laterz....
Posted by agp66mhz
Upcoming thingies
15 May 2001 <22:44>
I thought i'd make an update to show you how work is coming on my latest 2 C2 projects. The 71 mustang I showed a while ago has come along way since you last saw it with 99% of the modeling being completed just started on the skin, although i'm not sure what color it'll be. As you can see this is the notch-back version of the mustang, but i'll be releasing a version with the fast-back roof as well.
Also, while not as far ahead modeling-wise, I think the 67 chrysler 300 i'm working is going quite well too, you can check that out here.
Posted by Slayer409
I Challenge you......
13 May 2001 <15:24>
I would crap my pants RIGHT NOW, but then i'd lose precious seconds killing peds with ADR's newest vehicle (see heavenly sheet metal). It's a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A. This thing is AMAZING, go check it out on ADR's Page 2. Also, that thumbnail pic has lens flare cus I added it with Corel Photo-Paint, I was pretty bored and decided to spiffy up the pic. Also, we've recieved a beautiful red skin for ADR's 1971 Cuda. The author is Extreem, so you know its gonna be great! Go check it out on Extreem's Page 1, go GET THEM NOW!
Posted by agp66mhz
You got what you want, so go home
13 May 2001 <2:40>
This is going to be a very short update until I find a real reason why I should continue updating this unprofessional site. I've never heard so many people whine/bitch about one small thing in all my life, but as someone once said, give the people what they want: DSI's skins are gone, and forgotten...hope you're happy. Be sure to send DSI an e-mail, letting him know that he can do better here.
Posted by cArmAkAze
9 May 2001 <20:46>
First of all, it's great to see that Slayer finally (hopefully) got all his computer problems sorted out, so expect to see a lot of great stuff coming from him, once he gets settled in for a while. Anyhoo, on with the update! I have uploaded 4 new cars by Hellspawn again, including a car only seen by 4 people (including me) until now. Just to remind you, you can find all these wonderful new cars on Hellspawn's Page 1. So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out punk!

And sorry to everyone if I haven't posted your things yet, I'll get around to it this week. I have been EXTREMELY busy uploading as much stuff as I possibly can, 63.2 megs worth in less than 3 days, to be exact. Tomorrow, I'll try to get several skins posted, including skins by Dark Angel for TDR and Carma 2 skins by me, I may even post a few TDR cars while I'm at it. Until then, jus' chill out...
Posted by cArmAkAze
9 May 2001 <9:58>
Just thought i'd make a quick post to let evreyone know i'm back after being gone for almost 2 months because of computer problems. I just got the box back from the shop again today for the 3rd time and hopefully last. After I get a few things sorted out and checking out a shiteload e-mails i'll be back making those C2 cars again and maybe finish the 2 or 3 TDR cars i was working on too.
Posted by Slayer409
8 May 2001 <18:08>
Well, it is a great honor for me to bring you another Crashocalypse exclusive! Every since Render and Hellspawn's old site Burnout got nuked, Hellspawn's cars have been lost in cyberspace, great cars, but forgotten, along with Render's deminished site. Now, for the first time since Burnout's demise, Crashocalypse is proud to present you with some of the best damn cars you'll find on this planet, HELLSPAWN's cars! An all-star cast of some of his best, including his weird and wonderful Ped-O-Matic 2000, his bad-ass Cuda drag car, his '37 CWR Coupe tribute, and his masterful Twinkill. You can find all these wonderful cars on Hellspawn's new Page 1. Like I said before, I look to get a huge update done everyday this week, so keep coming back for more!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Watch These Fuckers Jump When I Get Loose!
22 April 2001 <21:27>
The time has come, this is what you have all been waiting for. Possibly the best car for any Carma game out there. I present to you, the 1994 season JTCC Nissan Primera! This car is way too cool, AdR really outdone himself on this one. It may be nearly 2 megs small, but goddamn it's worth it! Go and get this wikkid cool machine on AdR's page 2! GO NOW!

And for those of you who are saying "What the fuck kind of a news header is that?", that's some of the chorus in Primer 55's (ie. Nissan PRIMERa) hit song "Loose". I recommend you check into getting their new album "Introduction To Mayhem", as it is a really rippin' CD!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
22 April 2001 <8:04>
Back with another very late update. I meant to post this a few days ago, but what the hell, here it is now. A new car! This is Extreem's latest, and is it ever a classic, a 1964 Honda S800. It's small, slow, but has some deep roots in racing and looks great in the game. I highly recommend you head over to his Carma 2 cars section and get it. And I also have a couple of skins for Carma 2 as well. They are both by Judderman, and they are both for Slayer's cars: the VW Microbus and the '83 Chevette. Both skins are pretty cool, go check 'em out!

And tonite I will have a big surprise for you. It's AdR's latest car, and it absolutly rocks! You will NOT want to miss this one, it has to be the most realistic car I have ever seen! This is no joke, keep checking in and I will have it posted TONITE! Be there, or die, punk...
Posted by cArmAkAze
The dark side of MY Taunus...
15 April 2001 <18:19>
...face it, every one has one ;). It's everyone's favorite time of the month (year?)! An update! YEAH! And I bring you AdR's 'latest released' car, the 1981 Ford Taunus! This was actually one of AdR's first made cars, he just decided to release it now. This car is quite cool, although it may be a Ford *shutter*, and a Taunus at that, it's still a very tight ride, I had tonnes of fun test driving it! So much in fact, I even put together a short comic, based upon a true story of trust, betrayl, and mayhem >:). It can be found right here. Enjoy!

I also took the liberty to add another one of AdR's fine pieces of work to his section: the 1995 Saleen S351, one of the baddest Mustangs of all time! It's been out for about a week now, but believe me when I say it's better to get it right here at're already here, ass :). And one more thing, AdR sent me a rather mouth watering preview of his next upcoming car. This thing is very sweet looking indeed, prolly one his most detailed and best cars made yet. Oohhh, I can hardly wait for it! It's a...
Posted by cArmAkAze
Mo Power to the people!
7 April 2001 <15:46>
I just noticed the other day that this site has passed 400,000 hits! Thanks everyone, for all the support, you're the ones who keep Crashocalypse alive! So, without further ado, here's your present, another fabulious Carma 2 car by AdR! This one is his bet yet, perfect actually, a Argintine-made 1975 Dodge GTX! You can get it from all by itself on AdR's Page 2. This car is perfect in every aspect, I highly suggest you get this thing now. There will be many more great cars from the man AdR in the next several weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!
Posted by cArmAkAze
HAPPY B-DAY! (again?)
3 April 2001 <19:04>
Just thought that I would take this small opportunity to wish another member of the Crashocalypse team a happy birthday, this time car maker/skinner Extreem, who is turning 16 today. Have a good one, dude, and don't have too much fun ;). Anyway, updates have slowed down again, hopefully they'll pick up again by next week, when I have a whole week off from school. In the meantime, I'll be going to get my driver's permit tomorrow, so wish me luck! And there will be another member on the Crashoc team, maybe even as early as this weekend. In the meantime, stay cool...
Posted by cArmAkAze
Here comes da' Swamp Donkey!
30 March 2001 <23:05>
Wow, we're back in the groove with daily updates! Woohoo! Okay, time for another C2 car update from everyone's new buddie, Jesse Webber! This time it's a bad-ass, off-roading Toyota SR5, affectionally know as "Swamp Donkey". Now, when Jesse told me this was a 4-wheelin' menice, I just had to give 'er a go and have a looksee for myself. So, I took it for the Crashocalypse World's Most Ultimate Off-Road Test Drive™, or otherwise known as X-Ray's Shitzerland map. Easy enough to say, Swamp Donkey passed with flying colors. Take a look at some of the test results in this photo album here. Now, go get this awesome off-roader and see if you think it passes the test!

The Beast is an ass, that is all I have to say
Posted by cArmAkAze
Some C2 goodies
13 February 2001 <22:49>
Firstly, a new C2 car by me, a 1970 Pontiac Gto Judge to be exact, twas made from my '69 as Pontiac didn't change the Gto/Le mans a whole lot for 1970 except a front and rear bumper change and side buldges over the fenders. The '70 judge style skin was by Judderman, which was orginally just to be a skin for the '69 I made. Me thinks it's quite good so click on the piccy of it to the left to nab it.

Speaking of Judderman I just added 2 more skins by him, a good racing style skin for Adr's first car, the '70 cuda. And also a very cool 442 skin for my '67 cutlass. It's an evil black with red pin stripes and is quite good so i suggest you hop over to Judderman's 2nd skins page to get it.

And Lastly, i thought i'd show you how the '60 vw bus has been going since last time, here and here are a couple of shots of it..Right now i'd say it's about 95% done with only a few little things to do so expect to see that here real soon too.
Posted by Slayer409
A little bit of everything...
11 February 2001 <13:30>
A C2 skin, a C2 car, and a TDR car, all just for you lucky suckers :)! First up, we have the Beta release of Birdy, a rather unique aeroplane by both Twiglet and Raven-X. Like I said, this is a BETA release, with more releases and updates on the way, so don't expect it to be perfect, it's not. Go and get it here.

Now for the TDR vehicle, and what a vehicle! Beroc, from Lord Of Destruction, his brillantly designed TDR site with loads of tutorials, files, and cars. This is Solaar, a really fast, flat, and fat-arse car. Nothing can stop this thing, so hop on over to Beroc's section and get it, or, you could go to his site and get it.

Finally, the C2 skin, which is, believe it or not, by me! Yep, it's my first skin for C2, so feedback would be nice. It's a hella tight skin for Slayer's '74 Nova, so go to my section and check it out, if you are interested. Oh, almost forgot, Beroc has been working on a Bugatti Veyron 18/4 for TDR, and it is looking spectacular. I can hardly wait for this thing! Go and have a look!

UPDATE(already?): I'm such an arse, I deleted Beroc's TDR section on accident. Until I have the nerve to fix it, you have been re-directed to Lord Of Destruction.
Posted by cArmAkAze
9 February 2001 <22:35>
Indeed. I'm extremely sick and tired so I'll make this breif. I have a new car, er, truck by AdR fer you, the pimpin' F-150 Low Rider. So, if you want this bad boy, go to AdR's Page 1 and add it to your precious C2 car collection, it's worth it.
Posted by cArmAkAze
A 'Punch' in your face!
4 February 2001 <11:22>
I meant to post this skin a few days ago along with all of DeviantMan's other skins, but it had a error, which DeviantMan himself fixed, and is now avalible for download! It's a Hawaiian skin for the GMC Transit Bus. You can find it at the very bottom of DeviantMan's Page 4. And oh, I nearly forgot again, I updated the 'Limestone' skin by DeviantMan on his Page 3. He obviously didn't like the way the other looked, so he decided to redo it :)

And finally, last but definatly not least, we are proud to present to you 5 brand *spanking!* new TDR cars for your thrashing pleasure, all of them brought to you by Beroc from Lord of Destruction, his very sweet webpage (which can now be found in our Links section as well). Beroc is the first one to present us with a whole slew of cars for TDR, and they are all quite nice! Check 'em out by clicking the 'Cars' link under the TDR 2000 section to the left, or by clicking here, which ever you preffer.

And a few other updates to touch on, check out our affiliate SoD for another new Banger TC add-on car, the Ford Zodiac Hearse! And over at our other affiliated site DTD, Beast has released another new TDR car, a Chevy pickup, and as always, WILL's got some new skins to share as well, so don't delay, get yer ass over there!

UPDATE (by cArmAkAze): If you had problems downloading the Dreamcar, they have been fuck up :)
Posted by cArmAkAze
Loads of goodies 4 U :)
1 February 2001 <21:47>
Y'ello there, and welcome to another installment to fullfill your hungry daliy dosage of carnage :). Okay, I'm pulling out all the stops today, so bear with me. I have been very busy all day trying to get ready for this HUGE post, just for all you big C2 fans! Woohoo! First up we have yet another excellent new Carma 2 car by AdR. It is a fantastic Nissan 300ZX, prolly his best car thus far! You can pick it up on AdR's Page 1!

It seems that our good friend and fellow C2 skinner DeviantMan went temporarly insane after he decided to do over a half dozen C2 skins, but we don't mind, do we? Not a bit :). I bear 8, count 'em, 8(!) new C2 skins for you, and all of them are extraordinarly good. Every single one of them can be found on DeviantMan's Page 4, it's that ridiculously easy. Tis all for now, I am tired and need sleep, but tomorrow I bear even MORE goodies, this time for TDR, so don't linger too far!
Posted by cArmAkAze
looky here....
29 January 2001 <22:40>
I just got around to uploading that '67 Olds Cutlass i previewed a few weeks back, so click on the pic of it to the left to get 'er..I suggest you pick it up, cause it's great fun to drive and is excellent if you like doing power-slides using the handbrake, I think it's my best car so far...

Now, as per usual when i do one of these here updates I have a car preview for ya, this time it's not a muscle car, but a good 'ol volkswagen bus! click on the piccy for a bigger shot and here for another shot. It should be out pretty soon, along with a '73 mustang i've been meaning to do for a long time...I also have some other stuff to post, that should be up here in the next few days, so keep 'dem eyes peeled
Posted by Slayer409
300,000 hits!
21 January 2001 <11:26>
We've finally reached 300,000 hits! WOOHOO! Just wanna say thanks to the 300,000 peeps that has visited Crashocalypse over the last year and half...I know I haven't been here for quite that long, but thanks anyway! I've also updated the new CWA logo on the Navbar to the left. Check out that nifty little thing, eh? Well, that's about it. Once again, thanks to everyone that has supported Crashocalypse from it's very existance, I know that both X-Ray and Slayer are very proud of this site, and I'm very fortunate to be a part of the best Carma team out there! See you suckers later!

300,000 HITS!!!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Skins R' Us! (plus a rant)
18 January 2001 <8:13>
Yesterday was indeed a sad day for all of us here at Crashocalypse, as our leader, X-Ray, announced his temporary retirement. Over the past year and a half that I have been a part of this Carmageddon community, there's noone that I have looked up to more than X-Ray, who, in my mind, is the best Carmageddon Webmaster out there. And when he left the site to me to take care of during his absence, it was an extreme honor. Thank you, X-Ray, for those extremly nice words, it means a lot coming from you. I will try my very best to live up to what X-Ray has created, so bear with me *sniff*. Godspeed, X-Ray, it was an honor *tears*. Sorry, I'm getting all misty now *more tears*. Anyway, on with the post! I have 10(!) new TDR skins for all you suckers, and all of them are by da' man, WILL!
5 of these skins are in a 5-car skin set for the Femme Fatal. They are all in the same .zip file, so you can imagine that it weighs just over a hefty 5 megs, but they are defiantly worth the download! The other skins are for The Boss, a nice red and black Muscle Car skin; The Beast, awesome primered-up skin; Gorevette, a really weird, 'funky' skin (you'll see what I mean); White Trash, a very cool grey skin; and Eagle MkIV, another neat primer skin. These are prolly some of the best skins by WILL for TDR yet, so I highly suggest that you give a look into all of them on Will's new Page 3! That's all fer now
Posted by cArmAkAze
Fairwell? Perhaps.
17 January 2001 <13:15>
Hmm It's been a while now. Thank God cArmAkAze is on our team as he's been updating this place very frequently. *clap clap clap* Anyway, down to business now. I've lost quite a bit, if not all, of my interest in TDR2000 and I also haven't got the time anymore to fully dedicate myself to this website/answering e-mail business. Frankly, I'm fed up with it. I still may be updating here on the site every now and then with stuff from AdR, DeviantMan or other big names that I've been in touch with personally (I trust it you know who you are). And for now I'll still be hanging around on our messageboard and CWA boards. And I'm working on a great Carma2 car which I may get finished & released, given that I am left alone.

So, I guess this is a semi-"goodbye note" from me. I'll be hiding in the background and I may be around at times. Stop e-mailing me. As of now Slayer & cArmAkAze are the big capt'ns here at Crashocalypse. Slayer is the best carma modeler out there and cArmAkAze has proven to be a a truely terrific webmaster, he can update perhaps even better than me. So from now on send your skins, cars and stuff directly to him. But please, don't waste the man's precious time. If you don't get a reply to your e-mail from anyone here on the team then take the hint. This started out as a hobby for fun. We do have lives too. Thank you.

On the other hand I'd also like to thank all of my friends in the carma scene cos I had a great time with you all. Again you know who you are, summing everyone up would take too long and I might accidently forget someone, so I won't. I'd also like to thank all of our loyal visitors who made this site an absolute success. We've nearly hit 300.000 hits now. And the past year and 7 months have been very fun at times. Bye bye!
Posted by X-Ray
Another 'Mini' update!
17 January 2001 <9:42>
Recently, at the CWA Message Board, Deep_Blue had a suggestion for a all-biker Carma TC called "Bikergeddon", and up popped a link from outta nowhere! It seems that Deep_Blue has his own 'mini' C2 site containing several cool, exclusive! cars (and bikes) of his own! These cars (and bikes) are quite cool, and I suggest that you go and check it out! Oh, BTW, the car pictured to the left is the Nazi Staff Limo, one of the few kick-ass cars (and bikes) you will find there! Click the pic or right here to go to his site. I plan to do a total revamp of the Links section, so if you know of any Carma-related links that are not there or if your link is there, but it is incorrect, let me know here.

Good news for all you (including me) US TDR folks! It seems that over at Carma'.com they have finally released the TDR US Mini patch, which upgrades the US TDR version to allow players with both the US and UK versions to play over multi! I have been waiting quite a while for this. Ironically enough you will need to dowload and install the European patch first. Then install the US Mini patch on top of it. This should make all compatiblity problems history, so long as everybody runs the patched version. See ya'll online, punks!
Posted by cArmAkAze
"I shall call him...Mini Me"
15 January 2001 <22:13>
Well, well, well, it seems that Lumberjack has finally released his new Mini over at The Spray Shop. This car is just as basic as any C2 car can come: very few detachables, no interior, no breakable windows, and a few flaws, but on the other hand, I really had fun with this car! Check out some of the misadventures me and the Mini occurred at the fair here, here, and here! This is one helluva fun car, I suggest you go get it now!

Anyone who remembers a while back I posted a preview of a 1965 Cadillac Sedan Deville that me and Axle, a pal of mine were working on. Well, since then, he has taken over all of it and not much has changed on it, except for the front bumper, but expect this car to be done before the end of the year (maybe, no promises). Don't forget to click the lil' pic to make it get bigger!

D'oh! Almost forgot! For all of you TDR enthusiasts, I have a added another NEW TDR skin by the latest newcomer Macguyver. It's a pretty cool sporty skin for Tres Hombres, so I suggest you go to Macguyver's new section and get it! Sorry for this extremly huge post, I just needed to get this out of my system...aaahhhh, much better :)!
Posted by cArmAkAze
SuperSnake Attack!
10 January 2001 <16:46>
Does it seem like when I go on long non-posting droughts I do a whole shedload in just a few days? Yeah, I thought so ;). Anyway, for all you C2 freaks out there, I have a little surprise for you! It seems that two new C2 cars have fallen into my possession from outta nowhere! Actually, both of these cars are by the new guy who calls himself SuperSnake. One's a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (pictured) and the other is a 1987 Toyota MR2 called the "Merdeux 2". Both of those can be found on SuperSnake's new page. Well, that's all that I fer now...oh, don't forget to check out Slayer's TWO newly released GTO's, they are just absolutly unbelievable!
Posted by cArmAkAze
  Another somewhat fat update:)
13 November 2000<23:16>
I just added 3 new skins by judderman, with s'more on the way soon, but for now you can have the crash-test aries (pic) for the k car, a cool yellow skin for the 74 nova and a red skin for the '70 satellite so go have a look see in his section.

I also got a brand new C2 addon car in the form of a '70 Cuda from a new comer to the scene, adr. It's a friggin brillant car for a first attempt at modeling so go grab it now in adr's section he's also got some other cars that will soon be released here including a 2000 Impala.

I also added something for you TDR dudes, a skin by Genocide which you can check out here And as for the progress of my Edsel, it's pretty much all finished so you'll be able to get that here fairly soon, maybe even tomorrow...for now, here a couple of pics i took of it ahile ago.. pic1 pic2
 Posted by Slayer409
Community roundup
16 August 2000<9:15>
Being busy with all sorts of things, I have overlooked the community a bit lately. Yes, I know you could care less about it, cos this site alone rocks so hard you don't even need to visit the others anymore ;P But let me summarise it anyway, you can always change your mind!

Burnout has a new wreck ehrr car i mean by Hellspawn called the Eliminator as well as some pictures of Hellspawns real cars!! Go check it out!

Driven to Destruction has some nice skins by Raven-X who has also captured a bunch of screenies from the latest TDR2000 movie for those of you who can't afford to download it!

Econobrick's C2 page has econo's latest cars, including the Baja beetle (get it or get lost) and Turtle van. So point your browser towards his site.

Carmacity has since it's demise become a news site, and they got quite some TDR2000 stuff, including new screenshots and mission installments. is a german site i discovered a few days ago, which does a daily community news roundup in german. So pay it a visit and read the news, it's not that difficult to understand (well for me it's not anyway) and it's fun :)

Puma racing things has a preview of a rather cool car that Puma is doing. It's the Shelby Cobra if i'm right from the movie "gone in sixty seconds".

Yeah, that must be it i think.
Posted by x-ray
Skinned (once more)
16 August 2000<8:50>
I have added 3 excellent skins by Alan. They include a rusty™ old mack truck, a green™ stylish caddilac and last but not least a green™ Fury, which kinda reminds me of a MP car(military police, not member of parliament). I have also added 3 truely superb skins by Wolfheart, which include a macho red™ Type3, a plasma red™ HRSMT and a flaming™ Coronet. Well that should do for your weekly skin dosis methinks.
Posted by x-ray
C:TDR2000 Movie
15 August 2000<16:27> has an exclusive tasty new movie of TDR2000. It shows off some of the cooler new environments, as well as some great new cars. You also get to see some explosions and Misile effects and some close-up of the damage effects they seemed to have put in. Zombies haven't changed much, but so far it's looking LOTS better than the Alpha Demo. As far as music is concerned Torus threw in some industrial techno/metal mix (Fear Factory stylee) in the background :) I'd just say check it out if you didn't already, it shows tremendous progress has been made during the last couple of months. It weighs in at 60 Megs, grab it at
Posted by x-ray
Ready to kick some ass
15 August 2000<16:13>
Allright, it took a while to get the news system fully set up, so now it's working and we can start updating again! I received quite some good skins by both Alan and Wolfheart, I'll be adding them tomorrow, I promise! And I'll also post a preview later this week of my upcoming new car: James Bond's original Silver coloured Aston Martin DB5! I can tell you for now it'll boast most of the nifty bond accessories seen in the famous 1964 movie 'Goldfinger' and 1965 'Thunderball'. Also this is my best carmodel to date, if I do say so myself.
Posted by x-ray
Mo' stuff
13 August 2000<11:56>
Ok, I was having a bit of trouble adding stuff to this spangly new site, but that's all sorted now, and I've some tastey new stuff for ya. First, is a new skin by Dead Waldo in his section and, some new cars from me, being the ones I previewed on the old crashocalypse, the '75 Plymouth Fury and the '69 Dodge Coronet which are in, you guessed it, my section I've also been working on a new car, which is a '71 Dodge Charger. The modeling is all done just needs a skinnin', you can see a piccy of it here.
Posted by Slayer409
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