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Rating: 9.9/10

A chilly Christmas Evening in the Beaver National Park. The choice to turn this quiet, peaceful, but spooky evening into a massacre is all yours. The track includes a church, some cottages, a frozen lake, dark woods, mountains. It's pretty sweet if i do say so myself. Check it out!
 Made by X-Ray
  Slaytan's Luck
Rating: 9.9/10

This is more of a battle arena, excellent for thrashing opponents, ultimate mayhem!!! Ok, well what is it? Simple, it's a pentagram shaped map, with all sorts of neat stuff, smashmap stylee damage effects, all new noncars and drone, custom peds, powerups... You'll love it :)

Optional: psycho patch | Public Health Warning: may cause serious damage to eyes or brain, I am in no way reponsible for your health and or actions. The usual bullshit applies ;)
 Made by X-Ray
Rating: 9.0/10

This is A really cool mountain/hill valley kind of track with a river and trees and cottages. I like the atmosphere in the level that somehow reminds you of the good old C1 days. Also it's extremely fun to go airbourne with your car :)
 Made by X-Ray
  Stunning Stunt
Rating: 8.5/10

A nice cool and fun stunt track featuring some neat stuff such as an F14 flying around, rings of fire, loadsa jumps and tubes to toy with and even an underground tunnel section!!!.
 Made by X-Ray
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