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  Other Carmageddon sites! If Crashocalypse doesn't have what you're looking for, perhaps one of these other sites will. If you have (or know of) an active site that isn't listed here, drop me a line and I'll throw it up!

The CWA Board The original Carma community hangouts. Fecking old!
Carmageddon Wiki Everything you need to know about the Carmageddon franchise.
AdR's Cars Gallery featuring all of AdR's excellent C2 cars.
C2S's R&D Add-ons, mods, and tutorials by C2Scientist.
CarMaxinegeddon Maxine's collection of her C1 & C2 stuff. omg a girl!
CRUD Various Carmageddon items!
Harmalarm's Shelf Harmalarm's lair, Carmageddon and GTA stuff.
iNCARNATED Matt's new fansite! Who else remembers Carma City?
Mac Carpocalypse CoffeyCup's ageless wonder!
Mastro's Carmageddon Page Spanish Carmageddon community. Me gusta!'s C2 Page Profile hosting several C2 mods.
Old School Customs Quite a few C2 cars & skins you won't find anywhere else!
OpenCarmageddon Project 1am studio's go at making a modern port of C1.
Road Reaction (aka RR2000) Toshiba-3's plethora of excellent Carma content! Stellar!
Seduction of Destruction Freddy's Banger TC for C2. One of the best Carma mods around!
Stomping On Kittens Razor's cars, skins, and stuff.
The Spray Shop Site run by Lumberjack, tons of great cars and skins.
Toxic Ragers It lives! Errol's archive of the legendary Toxic Ragers!
TTR's Garage Home of TTR's cars, some of the best models around!
WASTED! n3wt0n's massive Carmageddon depository.

For a more comprehensive list of Carmageddon sites, check out Toshiba's super-list, containing links to sites from days gone by, and more Carmageddon communities around the world!
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