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  Will Arrow
All I can say is WOW! Red and black really suits this car well! The Boss finally gets a skin that gives it a more Muscle Car look and feel that it has always urned for! This is one of Will's best so far, so get it now!
 Made by Will
  Will Beast
Much needed face-lift that gets rid of the rust and grime and gives The Beast a more neater, primered colour. Once again, this is one of Will's best yet, so what are you waiting for? You know what to do ;)
 Made by Will
  Will Fatals (5-Skin Set)
A neat little 5-car skin set, all for the Femme Fatal. All of these skins are very nice indeed and you can view all of them by clicking here. Not much else to say, but these skins own big time!
 Made by Will
  Will Funky
Well, the name says it all :). A very 'funky' paint job for the Gorevette. This skin has very nice lighting effects and gradient use, it even looks as though it changes colours at times! No doubt about it, this skin rocks!
 Made by Will
  Will Garbo
Woohoo! Very awesome greyish skin for White Trash! Gets rid of the gay-ass white and blue and gives it a whole new life. So don't delay, get this skin right away!
 Made by Will
  Will Steel
Another primered-up skin by Will, this time fitted for the Eagle MkIV...not really much else to say, just get this skin and start bashing lots of things >:)
 Made by Will
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