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  Will Blood
A black & bloodied skin for the copcar. The blood looks kind of plasmaŽish so it's a little weird, but that's ok :)
 Made by Will
  Will F1
Quite a colourful skin for the McKilem. Smooth colour gradients between yellow and purple make this a more happy Tdr2000 skin.
 Made by Will
  Will Beetle
Loses the dumb indian concept behind the tomahawk and turns it into a classic beetle, well sort of.
 Made by Will
  Will Mustang
Yummie Yummie, excellent skin for the Boss. It is looking extremely realistic now, and the colour is very sexy as well.
 Made by Will
  Will Eagle
A sweet kind of grey stone/metallic skin for the Eagle. It most certainly looks a lot better than the original :). Lovely!
 Made by Will
  Will Filth
Very nice London police skinny for the Hummer. Why is it called 'Filth'? I dunno, but it's still a very cool skin!
 Made by Will
  Will King
Awesome dark and smokey skin for King Merc. Nice use of shading and a clever paint design make this one ace skin!
 Made by Will
  Will Charger
Dark, evil black skin...all I can say for this skin is wow...there has been a lot of skins for the SuperCharger, but in my opinion, this is the best by far! GET IT NOW!!!
 Made by Will
  Will Dead
A much needed, HUGE improvement to Jadead. Gives it a cool rusty look with loads of character and uses great color gradients, whouldn't you say?
 Made by Will
  Will Ka
Another awesome black skin by Will, and, as the case with the SuperCharger, it's the best skin I've seen yet for the lil' Ford Ka, but of course everyone knows "every car looks best in black" :D!
 Made by Will
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