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  Bloody Vette
The First skin by Extreem, and a very good one, i really like the blood, it's very real looking and it gives the car a more 'mean' look to it. Really cool.
 Made by Extreem
This pattern suits the mach1 excellently, don't you think? So if you got bored of the cool black, then grab this one.
 Made by Extreem
  Burnig Skull
A skin that makes the Mercury a bit hodrod'ish with the flames and stuff, really cool this one.
 Made by Extreem
  Sunny King
Definitely an improvement over the original skin for the 70 Cuda Funnycar, this one is once again nicely shaded, it's an excellent skin for a funny car as well :)
 Made by Extreem
  Ride to Heaven
Good skin for Adr's F-150, replaces the purple with blue and white stripes which makes it look like the dodge GTS ram trucks.
 Made by Extreem
  Diamond Red
Beautiful red skin for ADR's 71 Cuda, grab it right this instant or face the wrath of the back of my hand ;-)
 Made by Extreem
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