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  Rusty Mustang
A great looking skin for the 64 mustang, this (as you can see) changes the car from red to a nice 60's style green with spots of rust and gray primer, it even has a beat-out headlight to complete the look.
 Made by Alan
  Junker Chrysler
Another skin for the Chrysler Mk.II, this is another in a line of rusty skins by Alan which I think he does quite well. Try this one out you just might like it:)
 Made by Alan
  Bloody Type3
Another cool skin by our good friend Alan, which turns the naff brown of the type3 into summing more agressive, lovely isn't it?
 Made by Alan
  Black Witch
Second skin for the Type3 which turns it into a rather classy black car. It also includes 'real time' reflective bumpers which makes it an absolutely awesome skin.
 Made by Alan
  Rusty Mack
You guessed it, another skin in the range of rusty skins by our Alan. I can't say it's ugly, cos i love sinister looking wrecks, this one included!
 Made by Alan
  Green Caddy
Stylish green paintjob for the stylish glitter-and-glamour 1959 Cadillac. Why not grab it and drive in style?
 Made by Alan
  Green Fury
Camouflage skin!! erm not really, but on the pic it is. Anyway it seems green has taken over Alan's heart (previously it was rust), so why not give it a try?
 Made by Alan
  Rusty Edsel
This man certainly knows how to turn a shiney, classic car into a old, rusty one :). This is definatly Alan's best piece of work so far, he knows just how to make a car look very old and rusty, but never over-doing it. Get this skin now!
 Made by Alan
  Rusty Bus
Ahhh, another rusty skin! This time Slayer's '60 VW Microbus pays the price. Believe it or not, Alan actually owns a couple VW Busses, so I assume that's where he got the inspiration to do this kick-ass skin :). Check it out!
 Made by Alan
  Junk Nova
You shouldn't even have to read this text to figure out what kind of skin this is, not so much a RUSTY Nova, but more of a junky one, with a mismatching door, hood, and trunk, plus patches of rust :). Another masterpiece by the rust/junk skin master!
 Made by Alan
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