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  Beach Fuzz
Baywatch inspired skin. It is a yellow Coastguard patrol vehicle made from Slayer's 58 Impala cop. Hop in and be David Hasslehoff for a while.
 Made by DeviantMan
My god, this skin is absolutly gore-geous! Inspired by the movie "Backdraft" about firefighters, dark red with black flames coming off the quater panels really suits AdR's '71 GSX Custom well!
 Made by DeviantMan
Ohh, very neat little cupric skin for Slayer's '69 GTO, hence the name 'Copperhead'. It has nothing to do with the Copperhead snake, but it's still a very good skin! Get it now
 Made by DeviantMan
  The Lady In Red
I believe that this is the first skin ever for CWR & Ravage's '63 Corvette, and it is very well done! It gives the Corvette a great facelift to look how a real '63 Corvette should look. It's just amazing how sweeet this car looks, just amazing!
 Made by DeviantMan
  Lethal Enforcer
The pigs are sick and tired of being outran time and time again, so now they're pulling out the big toys >:). It's a criminal-on-the-run's worse nightmare when he sees this '71 GSX Custom cruiser in his rear view mirror!
 Made by DeviantMan
"The Green Machine" more like it! Man, this skin for Slayer's '69 Judge is beyond wikkid cool! Just take a gander at that: light green flames coming off the hood onto darker green. It really gives the car a new feel, I'd get this sucker now if I were you :)
 Made by DeviantMan
  Suicide King
Another first time skin, this time for one of Slayer's first cars ever, the '63 Lincoln. It's red and features several really cool murals painted all around the car, not to mention the 'Suicide King' on the trunklid. One of my favs, check it out!
 Made by DeviantMan
Not a whole lot of change from the original skin to the '70 GSX by AdR, but below the black strip on the side, you can see where it is considerably darker, like a sunburn, hence the name. Much better than the original, check it out!
 Made by DeviantMan
  The Punisher
Brutal black/skull skin for Slayer's '69 Judge. Check out the skull on the hood, and how strategically the eyes were fitted over the two air intakes on the hood, it's brillant. Black suits just about any car very well, 'nuff said.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Hawaiian Punch
Kick-ass Hawaiian skin for Econo's GMC Transit Bus, another first, I believe. Look at all those bright Hawaiian colors and cool ads, not to mention the loads of pornographic pics on the inside =)! Get it and take a lookie!
 Made by DeviantMan
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