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This is yet another great skin by DeviantMan. Gives the 69 Mach1 a mint green colour. Named after the famous 67 Shelby GT500 'Eleanor' from GI60S and driven by Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage). Cool or what?
 Made by DeviantMan
A sporty gangster skin for '82 Diplomat. Damocles, obviously refers to the sword of Damocles (greek mithology), standing for a closely impending disaster. Just so you non-educated folks would know ;P
 Made by DeviantMan
This is a cool golden skin for Slayer's '74 Torino. It doesn't have the beaten down look anymore, but it sure is cool as hell, very very nice skin. Punch it.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Top Banana
Hmmm we don't see yellow skins too often, this one for Slayer's '68 Dodge Coronet, is done pretty nicely. As with the other skins is perfactly suitable for Hellspawn's High-Octane T/C.
 Made by DeviantMan
Nice flamy skin for Slayer's 1949 Mercury. Very Nicely done, it's a true 'hot' rod now! I love it!
 Made by DeviantMan
  Sonic Boom
Very nice skin for AdR's 1970 Cuda. I like the subtle purple flames on the sides, and the massive stereo system on the interior, check it out!
 Made by DeviantMan
Outstanding skin for Slayer's 1958 Edsel. The back and rear sides are black (difficult to tell from the thumb) and the rest of the car is orange, the typical halloween colours!
 Made by DeviantMan
  Rotten Tomato
A redŽish skin (hence the name) for Hellspawn's 'Cuda. There might not be too many changes in this skin but the taillights and teh scoop vent have been improved a little.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Achilles Heel
A cute little racing skin for Ravage's Fiat. Man, I like this thing. Achilles Heel obviously refers to the Greek Mithology and means weak spot, in this case the car being a fragile lightweight.
 Made by DeviantMan
Lime green skin for AdR's Buick GSX. Not terribly much changed, in fact it's just a colour swap of the original, but still :) Thank god the original skin was good - LOL.
 Made by DeviantMan
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