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  Green Bay Packard
Another really good skin by DeviantMan, it turns Econobricks awesome Megative GT into a greenish sinister looking machine :) Well done!
 Made by DeviantMan
This has got to be one of the best looking skins around, simple but cool. Slayer's 74 Nova now in a racing outfit heheh :) i love it.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Anti Virus
Not half bad. Pixelization inherited from the original skin. Overal not a bad skin for the Snake Funny car. Oh yeah it's dedicated to Snake Plissken (Kurt Russel) of Escape from LA which explains the name "anti virus".
 Made by DeviantMan
  Bel Air Witch
In 1958, this car disappeared somewhere in a forest located in the Northeast United States. In 2000, it was found in Carmageddon 2! Weird but cool skin, nice alternative. I like it and I must say i love the title ;)
 Made by DeviantMan
  Plum Crazy
First of the three Plum Crazy skins for the 1971 Charger, this one is, as you can see, purple. I don't like purple but oh well, it comes with 2 other colour shemes in the zip (see next two skins).
 Made by DeviantMan
  Bad Apple (plum crazy)
The second colour sheme included with the Plum Crazy skin above. I like this one better than the purple :)
 Made by DeviantMan
  Tangerine Dream (plum crazy)
The third, alternative colour sheme for the Plum Crazy skin above. This i find personally the best of the three. Love it.
 Made by DeviantMan
Deviantman says: "Hot car, hot babe, High Impact!! " Very true. I say: "Hot babe indeed :)"
 Made by DeviantMan
  Swamp Thing
A very green Chevette. Skin itself is good, though not outstanding, still good ;)
 Made by DeviantMan
  Wild Cherry
Now this is a cool skin. The cherry muscle car red suits the '69 Coronet excellently. I love it. It's brilliant.
 Made by DeviantMan
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