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  Super Chevy
Magically turns a charger into a an orange racing type chevy thing! It gives boose's charger a new life ;) oh and it's driven by an extremely attractive girl.
 Made by DeviantMan
Not much different from the original skin by Ravage, just darker and much more clearer. Better contrast and lighting. Consider this an improvement job.
 Made by DeviantMan
Boxy car dedicated to the hot chick Danni Ashe, hence the name hotbox, simple eh? whether you like it (the skin of course) or not is up to your personal taste.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Fire Chaser
Fire brigade skin for the Police version of the Pontiac Firebird. Nice.
 Made by DeviantMan
  The Saint
This is one very nice skin indeed for the Celcia by Ravage. Turns it flashy blue, yet retains those nice shades and looks very real. Nice alternative, specially compared to the pink skin it used to have ;)
 Made by DeviantMan
This is another cool skin, Slayer's 75 Plymouh Fury now serves the new purpose of a nice yellow taxi, complete with the checkered black and white stripes. You definitely ought to check this out.
 Made by DeviantMan
  Black Lemonade
Good skin for Boose's Rodster. This is literally a hotrod on ACID! heheh i like the skull on the back. Outstanding!
 Made by DeviantMan
Who doesn't know the band Rammstein? It says 'Halten Sie' on the front, which, i think means STOP! in german :)
 Made by DeviantMan
Awesome flame/fire skin for the Camaro SS and certainly a huge improvement over the original skin, makes the car simply more enjoyable.
 Made by DeviantMan
Don't ask me about the name... i don't know, but what i do know is that the 58 Impala is now painted in a smart shiny black colour, in which, as you very well know, any car looks best ;)
 Made by DeviantMan
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