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  '59 Biscayne Fire Chief
First of 18(!) 59 bel-air mods, this one is very well done Fire Cheif biscayne, the low line version of the bel-air. Probably my favorite of the bunch
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (grey)
This one is basically my orginal with laurent's mods applied to it, he fixed a few inaccuracies such as the missing hood and trunk emblems.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (red)
Again, same deal on this one, it's got the original alternate red skin applied to it, if you like these cars it's worth a download as it looks a 'lil better:)
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (sapphire n' white)
This one looks awesome i think, it's two-tone paint job with a sapphire body and a white roof and rear deck.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (white)
Next we have a 59 bel-air in a plain white wrapper, not as flashy as some of the others but still lookin good with a red interior.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (blue-dark blue)
Another two toner, this time dark blue with a lighter blue deck and roof, not as nice as the sapphire one I reckon, but still not bad
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (dark blue)
Pretty much the same as the previous except it's without the lighter blue trunk and roof, this is one of the few i didn't try, looks as good as the rest though.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air (black)
This one looks pretty bad ass, plain 4 door bel-air sedan all black with a red interior. Looks just like a 4 door version of a model i have:)
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air coupe (grey-white)
Laurent also converted a few of them into 2 door coupes as well, here a 2 tone grey and white one which looks good as hell. (good rhyme)
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Bel-air coupe (brown beige)
Apparently a factory color combo, I can't imagine they made very many 2 door bel-airs in this interesting shade of brown and beige
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
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