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  '59 Biscayne Beige
Now were on to the cheapies, the low-line biscaynes. Here's a cool 2 door, with a little odd looking light beige color, almost peach.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Biscayne Taxi
One of the best looking of the lot, a taxi version of the biscayne with dog dish hubcaps and all.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Biscayne (grey)
Another biscuit, this time a plain as can be grey 4 door sedan and with the 235 straight six to boot.
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Biscayne (Police)
The last biscayne is this neato Beaver County squad car, they're not gonna catch to many speeders with that 6 under the hood though:)
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Impala (Dark Blue)
Here is a top of the line Impala 2 door coupe with dark blue and blue interior but still saddled with the 125hp 6 cylinder:) maybe i'll make a model of the 335hp 348 and drop it in these impalas...
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
  '59 Impala (blue)
Great looking blue impala 4 door with a striped interior, get this one!
 Made by Laurent Fraisse
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