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  Black X
Very kewl and very first skin for Eagle X, wich makes it black :) The idea for this skin inspired from the words of Pseod0phedr1nE him self - "...everyone knows cars look best black :)".
 Made by Pseod0phedr1nE
  Bitchin' Blue
What to say... This model is unique, because it was built by CWR, but it needed a better skin... And Dragula did it :) It's not very heavy remake, but worths downloading.
 Made by Dragula
  Hell Chevy
A nice skin for the '75 chevy, Zombie's skin makes it into a black hell truck with flames and stuff. The best part would have to be Ed O'neill driving though.
 Made by Zombie
  6871 Charger
Excellent red '68 charger skin for the 71 charger. confusing? yes good looking? yes again.
 Made by Render
  Blue Fiat
It's a blue skin for the yellow rally-fiat by Ravage in case you hadn't guessed. It's from Ravage so it's good :)
 Made by Ravage
Ravage once again giving one of his cars a very nice facelift, this time it's a sinister looking black skin for his '86 Cougar. This skin is very nice indeed, and the name goes well, since it's black and a Cougar technically is a cat :)
 Made by Ravage
  Cutlass Slayer
Very cool (i think) skin for the 67 cutlass, gives it a little darker blue color, with a nice sharp fire effect paint job on the front, and mean blacked-out headlites..get it
 Made by Jonny P.
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