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  FedEx Truck
Rating: 9.1/10
This was Jesse's first released car, and I must say is excellent for the first car effort, evreything works/breaks and is a blast to beat up.
 Made by Jesse Webber
  Ferrari 328
Rating: 8.3/10
Another of Jesse's first cars, but still cool to drive, and is the same kind of ferrari from "Magnum P.I." i believe:)
 Made by Jesse Webber
  Audi A4
Rating: 9.5/10
Great model, lots of detail and tons of detachable parts easily make this Audi A4 wagon Jesse's best C2 car to date. Get this one now.
 Made by Jesse Webber
  Volkswagen Golf Low-Rider
Rating: 9.5/10
Another great model by Jesse. Although the color is a little plain and the car is a small, cute little VW Golf, don't be decieved, for this car has hidden strengths. This Low-Rider means WAR ;)
 Made by Jesse Webber
  Toyota SR5
Rating: 9.7/10
This truck has got to be one of the best off-roaders I have seen for C2 yet! It can go anywhere and do just about anything it desires to. The suspension can be rough as hell at times, but always remember: never take it easy! Push it to the max!
 Made by Jesse Webber
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