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  Toxic Waster
This skin fits perfectly in the nuclear silo level, it transforms the innocent fluffy milk tanker into a not so innocent truck carrying toxic waste *evil grin*
 Made by Wolfheart
You gotta love this skin, The monsterhearse with blood all over the front bonnet and roof :) Now this is what carmageddon is really all about, get it or get lost!
 Made by Wolfheart
The semi in a nuclear skinny. What can i say? it's impressive, and the truck's shape is looking better than with the black skin. Pretty cool huh?
 Made by Wolfheart
A dark themed skin for my Hevy Impaler. Personally i think it's a bit too 'over'done and the blood could be less clear and less flashy, but overall it's still a nice skin.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Buzz Heavyweight
A buzz lightweight skin for the monster Tempest! The similarities are easy to spot (hence the name). This is something for the die hard carma fan.
 Made by Wolfheart
Wow, now this car looks really smart! I just love the flames on the side, really makes it look a little more agressive and hotrod'ish.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Yellow Dragon
Another deadly Wolfy skin, this time for the 58 plymouth, which turns the red into a cool yellow with a snazzy looking dragon on the hood. Get it if yer sick of the red, or even if your not, if you like yellow:)
 Made by Wolfheart
  Red Talon
Again a plasma-like skin which wolfheart does really well. As always the skin is build around a cool drawing and named after it! Red Talon!
 Made by Wolfheart
  69 Thrasher
Awesome flames suit every car, yes even the 69 Coronet. Splendid aren't they? Well check it out!
 Made by Wolfheart
Superb!!! you have to grab this one, it's the best a type3 will ever get, red is macho, the lightning is stylish, best of both worlds!
 Made by Wolfheart
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