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  Dan Dead's Gravedigger
Cool cross between the Blood Riviera and good ole dumpy (hence the name), it's got this cool spray of danny's skull on the front :)
 Made by Wolfheart
Another ace skin by Wolfheart, well done, this skin is supposed to be influenced by Stephen King according to wolf. This skin kicks.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Cradle of Filth Tourbus
Those that are into the black metal scene will undoubtfully know Cradle of Filth, well this is their cute innocent touring bus. That was sarcasm of course.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Razor Blade
Another cool (arn't they always?) skin by our resident skinner Wolfheart. This one is for the Chrysler Mk.II and gives it an evil black paint job with some razors on the hood.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Kali's Fang
Oh damn, i love black. It's not just some cheap black, gradients and shades are used everywhere, which makes it look real. I wasn't expecting anything less from Wolfheart, he's one of the best, if not the best ;)
 Made by Wolfheart
  Cosmic Blues
Definitely good one, although not one of my favourites. It's an excellent blue plasma-like skin for Econobrick's deflectar. (like you couldn't tell by the pic - hehe)
 Made by Wolfheart
I like this skin very much, it makes the MP truck way cooler. IF you have the car (it's not very popular, shame) then get this skin, it's a cool army skin, i love it.
 Made by Wolfheart
The piecemaker on ACID! umm i mean monster tyres heheh, although it is missing some obvious parts (like the lawnmower mounted on the front), it's still cool, i like the monsterization of this carma classic.
 Made by Wolfheart
A splendid McLaren F1 skin, heavily inspired on Valhella (you know that dyke driving that Carma1 car the 'meatcleaver'). God, i love this C1 influenced stuff :)
 Made by Wolfheart
  The 667
The slogans written all over this car are funny as hell, I'm not going to spoil it, you *have* to check this skin out, it's a terrible good laugh, class parody on Coca Cola as well.
 Made by Wolfheart
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