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  King Cobra
very nice skinny. Name is very suitable as well it contains a cute lil snake painting on the trunk, even a lil surprise, i'd say check this baby out.
 Made by Wolfheart
Yey Yey Yey, another black skin, those are my favourites in case you haven't noticed yet ;) This one in particular is a huge improvement over the original paintjob. We luv it!
 Made by Wolfheart
Another skin for one of the original carma2 cars, this one is worth considering if you still have the lil crap cars like this installed, this new paintjob does wonders.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Reaper mk2
You'll be pleased to hear that one of the best skins to date has been revised. Believe me this skin just owns. Evil is the least you can say with all those cool sprays of the skelly on the doors and the hood :)
 Made by Wolfheart
  Silver Bullet
A White-ish skin for the Viper GTS. Supposedly named after Stephen King's movie. Erm sorry can't think of anything else to say about it.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Dead Skin Mask
Woah, this has got to be one of the coolest skins ever, Completely painted in blood, ohhh damn i luv it. You should really be getting this one, rather than the one right above, whoops did i just say that?
 Made by Wolfheart
  Cinder mk2
Another cool skin, this one is really the dogs bollocs, blood all over the place and a cool drawing on the hood, awesome.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Black Bolt
Decent blue-ish Lightning paintjob for one of the best cars around the 63 Ford Galaxie. Attention, this skin doesn't work for the black Beauty, only the white version :)
 Made by Wolfheart
  Black Mass 2k
One of my favourites, very reminiscent of that place called hell, overall good skin.
 Made by Wolfheart
  G.I. Plow
This is, if i'm correct, the first (or one of the first) army skin, it's kickass and i suggest you go check it out.
 Made by Wolfheart
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