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  Dragon's Blood
This is as Wolfheart claims it, "his best work so far; a true masterpiece" and i can't say he's wrong this thing kicks arse. Let this be an example for other skinners. Well done.
 Made by Wolfheart
Technically nice skin for the XR1. But personally i feel white doesn't suit the game's atmosphere, however it's still very nice. And who am i to argue if you like it?
 Made by Wolfheart
  Scum Truck
Ahh this one is nice, dark and evil. It's the next car of that anarchystic group of scum. The paintjob matches the one of the lil buggy originally included. But now they're back with some heavier stuff muhahaha.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Golden Bugatti
Excellent skin, and one of the few for one of the original carma2 cars by stainless, well worth cheking out if you still play with them.
 Made by Wolfheart
  Serpent of the light
Flash & pink. Just like many other skins; however this is a very nice skin, just because of those ever so good looking light effects on the edges and of course the gradients.
 Made by Wolfheart
  The hammer
This makes a change, a really dark, evil and cool paintjob for a big tuff truck. This skin is among my favourites you know.
 Made by Wolfheart
Read the name of the skin, pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Truely fucking terrific i'd say :)
 Made by Wolfheart
  The Anvil
Twin brother of Wolfheart's 'Hammer' skin see above. Besides looks the they share their names as well, ever heard of the phrase "between the hammer and the anvil" ? Wolf pointed this out to me - Thanks :)
 Made by Wolfheart
We all like blue don't we? well i do at least and i think this is one hell of a sweet paintjob. Very realistic.
 Made by Wolfheart
Ahh another cool dark skin, there can never be too much of these. 'nuff said.
 Made by Wolfheart
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