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Once upon a time, in the city of Prague,there where a strange guy, who hated society. This guy wrote some sick stories.. Now he doesn't write to destroy the common man...he drives his Nitromorphosis to run over the common pedestrians!
 Made by Dead Waldo
A great looking skin for the 68 Coronet, Deflagrator turns the car into a sort-of evil firey thing...It's got that explosive warning symbol on the door, "deflagrator" across the back, and poor Hanneman has been replaced by an anime girl.
 Made by Dead Waldo
When a skin comes around from Dead Waldo, ya know it's gonna be good:) this time, (as you can see) it's a dirty green skin for the Satellite which also looks kinda like camoflouge, and owns indeed
 Made by Dead Waldo
  Dead Pate
Odd name, good skin:) "dead pate" for the '57 chevy makes it black with green gradiant high-lights which are done quite well...some of the textures don't fit together perfectly, but that's my fault on the original skin:)
 Made by Dead Waldo
  Hot Rouge
Another high quality skin for the '70 satellite, this one gives a wild pink/blue paint job with well done flames.
 Made by Dead Waldo
This skin is just awesome, one of the best C2 skins out there i think, plus it's a rusty skin! so get this one now.
 Made by Dead Waldo
  Super Bee
A great skin for the '69 coronet to turn it into a super-bee, plus white really matches the car.
 Made by Dead Waldo
  Miami Mayhem
Apparently inspired by the 80's show Miami Vice, this black skin for the '75 fury simply owns:)
 Made by Dead Waldo
  'Ol Hustler
Wicked sick skin for the 71 charger, it makes it a richard petty-esque stock car with some clever sponser names. Hella recommended skin.
 Made by Dead Waldo
  Drive n' Bleed
Another cool '71 charger skin, it's all rusty and full of mud now with the Slipknot logo on the doors. I'm not a huge Slipknot fan, but good skin nevertheless:)
 Made by Dead Waldo
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