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  Daihatsu Cuore 850 TG
Harm's personal car, now in C2. Daihatsu's aren't renowned for their strength, but for their durability. Use that to your advantage and try to stay alive!
 Made by Harmalarm
  Eagle 2009
The Eagle, reinvisioned as it would have looked around 2009. Completely made from scratch, this thing looks wicked! High and low res textures are included in the file.
 Made by Harmalarm
A smart car, monsterized. Four-wheel steering and a huge lift make it somewhat stronger, if not just a little more unstable.
 Made by Harmalarm
What do you get when you strap a rocket engine to a smart car? A completely psychotic automobile. This thing fucking moves! Open the gullwing doors in mid-flight give it that "is it a car, is it a plane" feeling. Comes with a custom engine sound!
 Made by Harmalarm
You aren't going to win many fights with this thing, but at least you'll look GHETTO FABULOUS trying. BLING BLING, BABY!
 Made by Harmalarm
smart car No. 4, this time equipped with tank tracks and a plow up front. Definitely my favorite of the bunch.
 Made by Harmalarm
  TEREX RH-400
When you get this thing, all your troubles are over, unless you plan on going through any checkpoints. One of the most massive vehicles ever released for C2, the Terex is on a whole 'nother level of badassery.
 Made by Harmalarm
  Daihatsu Cuore V2
Harm's personal car, upgraded! New model, new physics, and more detachables. Even a wibbly-wobbly muffler!
 Made by Harmalarm
I'm not ashamed to say that I immediately recognized this thing upon loading it in the game, Percival McLeach's poaching half-track from Rescuers Down Under! About the last vehicle you'd expect to see in C2, but it fits in surprisingly well! Joanna the Goanna seems to approve.
 Made by Harmalarm
  Isetta "Whattadrag"
Inspired by the recent auction of a micro cars museum, Harm has re-created this mini-monstrosity: a psychotic BMW Isetta dragster. Superb model, spot-on physics, and a super hot babe behind the wheel make this a real blast to drive. The 3ds max file has been included in the zip, for those who may be interested.
 Made by Harmalarm
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