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  '87 Vette
Rating: 8.7/10
Another Vette, very blue'ish but still good, You know DK, you know his models, so get this one now!! Or better, someone make a new skin for this one, that would be cool.
 Made by Ravage
Rating: 8.8/10
Definitely a worthwile add-on to Ravage's extensive car collection. This is a well made sports car which is really worth the download.
 Made by Ravage
  '99 Toyota Celica
Rating: 9.3/10
Another damn good looking car from Ravage...Even from looking at this small pic you know it's gonna be awesome, but it has all the goodies, such as loads of smashable stuff. So check it out.
 Made by Ravage
  1991 GMC Syclone
Rating: 9.8/10
The Syclone owns the reputation as being the fastest and the quickest production truck in the world...the same holds true in C2, not to mention the best looking AND coolest overall truck in C2. Just look at those photorealistic graphics? This thing owns, 'nuff said
 Made by Ravage
  1986 Mercury Cougar
Rating: 9.8/10
Ravage's very own, a carma classic! Again, nice use of photorealistic textures, great model. Grab it now.
 Made by Ravage
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