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  '67 Chrysler
Rating: 9.0/10
A very realistic car. It's unbelieveable how cool this model is!! If you're a huge fan of old cars (like us here at crashocalypse) then you should definitely check this car out, it's accurate, it's fast and it's black.
 Made by Slayer
  '59 Cadillac
Rating: 9.4/10
This car is amazingly realistic, a terrific car in all it's beauty , realisticly textured and skillfully modeled. This is a must have!! 
 Made by Slayer
  '63 Lincoln
Rating: 9.1/10
Tough old car, good model with a nice black skin and even those dangerous "rear suicide doors". This is the car from the movie 'The Matrix'
 Made by Slayer
  '95 Impala SS
Rating: 9.2/10
As you can see another great 'real' car. Especially those wheels are nice looking. I don't know about the handling as I've never driven this car (in real life), but it seems unbelievably powerful, which is good.
 Made by Slayer
  '58 Mack Truck
Rating: 9.5/10
Big, tough old truck with loadsa detachable parts and of course very detailed under the hood :) Grab it only here!! 
 Made by Slayer
  '75 Chevy Rally
Rating: 10/10
There aren't that many rally pick-ups, but this is one of 'em, it's really fast, bouncy and very thrashable, that's what you like, no? This is, honestly one of the best cars i have ever seen for Carmageddon2, Get it right now.
 Made by Slayer
  Fraud Broko
Rating: 8.5/10
The Jeep from OK Stimpson from Carmageddon1 returns... better than ever completely brought bang upto date... erm up to Carmageddon2 features I mean!! And it sure brings back some good old memories.
 Made by Slayer
  Red Broko
Rating: 9.3/10
See the above?? Well this is a red hot version of that. It features a new skin, most notably a bloodied up front and some bug fixes. A real must for every Carma fan. Requires the original one (above).
 Made by Slayer & Boose
  '96 Impala copcar
Rating: 9.0/10
A new cop car made for C2 made out of my ImpalaSS with most of it's bugs fixed that i know of. Not a ground-breaking new car, but i thought it would be cool to have one of these as i see them quite often :)
 Made by Slayer
  Rig o Mortis
Rating: 9.0/10
The semi from the splat pack has returned to c2 but is updated to match the c2 style cars, it has smashable head and tail lites and glass and opening doors. 
 Made by Slayer
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