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  '58 Impala
Another classic heavy Chevy from Slayer. The '58 isn't as renowned as the later models, but it's one of the best looking Chevy's ever made, and that's coming from a Chevrolet aficionado. One of Slayer's lost gems.
 Made by Slayer
  '58 Impala Copcar
Same as the Impala above, but in police cruiser trim. You won't lose any shoving matches in this, I guarentee that.
 Made by Slayer
  Corvette ZR-1
Another "lost" Slayer car, I can vaguely remember this car being on the site at one time or another. Not sure why it was taken down, but I suspect it may have been quality control. Not really up to snuff with Slayer's other models, but it's still a classic!
 Made by Slayer
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