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  Gray EVO
If you get tired of the flashy blue from the original, here's a more low-key skin! Although it's a simple mod of the original textures, it looks kinda neat, vaguely primer-ish and somewhat dirty. Really cool.
 Made by ChevyII
  Cream Savoy
Although Slayer did a nice job(as usual) with the original skins, they always looked too "loud" to me, so here's a nice, nondescript beige skin! Very suited to a car from those years, as this kind of color was pretty popular. To give you more reasons to download it, I included a fix to make the taillights work.:)
 Made by ChevyII
  Brown Marquis
A somewhat classy change of color, maroon is now replaced by a light shade of brown. Also included are the appropriate alloy wheels and new textures for the taillights, which make the darn things look more or less like they should! Said wheels and taillights will also work on the limo version, btw.
 Made by ChevyII
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