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  Cala Chrome
A cool skin which get rid of the boring yellow and makes the car really shiney and expensive, and chrome-ish. sounds cool eh? well check it out :)
 Made by Andreas Wiehn
  Copcar Chrome
Another cool skin by Andreas Wien in the Chromed series, this one is (personally) shedloads better than the original, and also a lot better than the Cala Chrome, very realistic as well, recomended!
 Made by Andreas Wiehn
  Eagle Chrome
Ooh, what's this? well it's yet another chrome skin by Andreas Wiehn :) but for the white eagle. It can however be used for any eagle and it requires the original template as well.
 Made by Andreas Wiehn
  Firebird Chrome
You cannot take it anymore... another chrome skin (only joking), this is a touched up version of the Pontiac FireBird (duh) But surely it looks cool right?
 Made by Andreas Wiehn
  Rusty Eagle
Remember the previews in the computer mags? or even the demo? well that eagle was slightly different from the eagle we have now. This skin changes it back into that eagle, ie. rusty bumpers.
 Made by Andreas Wiehn
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