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As the name says its a skin that camouflages the Jaguar XJ Banger car, also i noticed the word ARMY on the roof, so pretend it's an army car :)
 Made by Chance Harl
  Super Charged
A rather simple skin for the 68 dodge coronet, which aparently makes it supercharged. I have to say it is a quite nice theme for a skin.
 Made by Chance Harl
  Black Thunder
The third skin by Chance and a real good one, it seems black is 'in' and this one contains gradients as well which make it look nice. Good Job.
 Made by Chance Harl
  Nuke HRS
Chance was so kind to make us all another skin, again, for the HRS truck. This one is as you can see brownish with those common industrial warning stripes. Allround not bad.
 Made by Chance Harl
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