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  Slam Sedan
Personally i just love this skin, it gets rid of the damn pink, and its pretty cool specially the reflective chrome on the bumper and such.
 Made by CWR
  Prop Shafter
This skin is absolutely awesome. It's for what i reckon the coolest car of the originals. This is a must have for every true carmageddon fan.
 Made by CWR
  Thunder Bucket
Very flash. Considering the quality of the other skins this is an "ok"-one (but still very nice).
 Made by CWR
  Coupé the Grace
This one, featuring yet again reflective chrome (on the front), is just marvellous, specially compared to what stainless'd made from it.
 Made by CWR
  Jetcar (hack)
Quite some people know about this hack, it makes realistic flames come out of the big exhaust pipe in the back, skin-wise it is great as well.
 Made by CWR
  Blood Riviera
Pity the pic doesn't show it that well, but trust me this skin is terrific, just like the Prop Shafter i think this is a must have for every carma fan.
 Made by CWR
  Mach 13
Well, originally i didn't like this car very much but with a decent skin like this quite a lot changes, now it's a true racing machine.
 Made by CWR
  Death Cruiser
Ahhhh agian very high quality skin, great color sheme which really suits the bus. Grab this skin!
 Made by CWR
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