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  Sea Dragoon
This skin is smoking ! Very colorfull, light green with darker green tones make a great combination of dragon skin colours, wich realy makes the hover a dragon !
 Made by K@vera
And the first skin for General Lee (or rather Generally) is here ! Totaly Purple with strikes of blood, like a fire -- it's a spirit of a real pirate.
 Made by K@vera
  Mr. Horsepower
Another awsome skin by K@VeRa, this changes the freightliner to red with a bloodied up grill and the cool Mr. Horsepower logo on the doors and mudflaps. A highly recommended skin.
 Made by K@vera
  Skull Torino
Another skin for the torino, this one by K@VeRa. This one doesn't change the look of the car much but adds a great gray/black paint job with nice looking wheels. Very cool looking indeed.
 Made by K@vera
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