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  Yellow AMX
I don't know if it's better than the original skin, cause i simply never seen/played the AMX, so i don't know what was changed, therefore you'll have to draw your own conclusions on this skin.
 Made by Micke Björk
  Purple Mayhem
A nice skin for the Banger car by Freddy, with new text and logos on i believe, so get this skin and tamper with it to get it into Banger Racing and let's get rolling yeehaw!
 Made by Micke Björk
  Blue Orolla Rally
Woah this must be the coolest skin for the Orolla yet !! very sporty (yeah i know it's a sporty model) very fast, very... blue, get this one, really it's great.
 Made by Micke Björk
  Rally Rover
A kind-of-rally-skin™ for the Rover SD1 car. I don't like pink, as a matter of fact i hate pink, but that's probably just me, hehe.
 Made by Micke Björk
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