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  Baja Thunder
I think this skin looks a lot like the cover of 'ride the lightning' album by Metallica. Anyway, it's not half bad.
 Made by Secret Chimp
This skin is ace, look at it!! Notice those nice lighting effects, on the hood and around the edges. This one is a must, swap the dull red for this good looking black.
 Made by Secret Chimp
  Trip the dump fantastic
Another skin in the series of toxic green skins by Secret Chimp. A truely nice skin, with those ever so cool shades and gradients. Notice the flaming smiley on the door too.
 Made by Secret Chimp
This is the twin of the skin above, but for the Tipped instead of the Tipper, so no bucket :)
 Made by Secret Chimp
This is a major improvement over the original skin, well, actually it *is* the original skin, only super dooper touched up, to get rid of the ugly pixelization effect. Also, it now has true "stripe" brake lights :)
 Made by Secret Chimp
A nice black skin for the regular Hummer. Some skulls on the door and roof, but that can be altered, the skin includes alternate sets! Options are plain black and FBI hummer, sounds cool eh? check it out.
 Made by Secret Chimp
"Funky" black/gold lowrider skin for the classy 59 Cadillac. It includes model tweaking (by our very own Slayer i may add) too (wheels changed and lowered suspension).
 Made by Secret Chimp
Same funky model upgrades to the 59 Caddy as Trufunq, but this time it's with a white skin... Nice use of shading and the cool "aura" symbol on the trunk lid which I think looks quite pimpin' indeed:)
 Made by Secret Chimp
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