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  Rusty everyday Kadett
Name says it all. Actually it's the rusty skin from the '57 Chevy. Looks good nevertheless, specially since you never see a nice shiny kadett in real life, only old broken down ones with rust ;)
 Made by SouLSuRFeR
  Army Merc
Again, this is a an existing skin converted fot the '49 Mercury. Originally on Dead Waldo's Plymud, now on the merc too. Cute ain't it?
 Made by SouLSuRFeR (&DW)
  VW Transporter
This skin makes the tuned VWTR-Van by M@rcel more 'life-like'. It was made using pictures of the real thing!
 Made by SouLSuRFeR
This one transforms the Fast 'n Furious hummer into some tough camouflaged desert... thing. I bet Desert Storm couldn't even destroy it!
 Made by SouLSuRFeR
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