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  Old Yeller
A nice yellow paintjob for the ever so cool 58 Mack truck, but i bet you knew that just by looking at the pic so i'll just shut up ;-)
 Made by TrukDJ
  Lime Chevette
This is a really good skin for the cool junk car, it somehow transforms it into a flashy green box, pretty nice black stripe pattern too. Overall good skin, not the best of the best, but definitely good.
 Made by TrukDJ
  Orange Boss 302
Well well, the first skin for the 69 mach 1, it just had to happen sooner or later. This one is much like the original Boss 302. It hasn't got much shading or gradients though.
 Made by TrukDJ
  Tow to hell
Aha very interesting, another cool skin by TrukDJ. This one's pretty hell-ish, pretty damn good in fact :)
 Made by TrukDJ
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