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Great skin for the TNT. Turns a once fierey truck into a nice blue truck with beautiful snow flakes falling: such a peaceful go out there and destroy stuff! *evil grin*
 Made by CLiDeByToR
  General Lee
The classic General Lee is back for more mayhem in TDR...too bad the number on the right side is mirrored, or otherwise this would be a perfect skin. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers, I say get this skin NOW!
 Made by CLiDeByToR
  All American
Turns the dull, black Shark into a very cool, giant rolling American flag. Definatly a BIG improvement over the original skin! Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "...the peds bursting in air...", eh? No, no that's not right...
 Made by CLiDeByToR
  White Fire
Gives the King Merc a nice facelift, getting rid of the dull grey and replaces it with a nice white and red, firey skin! Me likes a lot, I say "get it now!"
 Made by CLiDeByToR
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