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  Metal Gear
Not half bad. Nice clipart, apart from that nothing special.
 Made by MetalNightS
  Preacher 67
This is nice, very nice indeed. Turns the Gorvette into a totally different car. Nice dark paintjob which suits the car. Nab it now, it's worth it.
 Made by MetalNightS
It's ok i guess, nothing special to it, an alternative to the original skin, nothing more, nothing less.
 Made by MetalNightS
  Blue Force
This is (at last) a very good skin! Turns the ugly pink/purple of the Femme Fatal in a nice blue. It kinda reminds me of a sporty rally type of car, but that's just me ;)
 Made by MetalNightS
A great new paintjob for the tuned Ford Ka, i'd say this is definitely an improvement over the original yellow.
 Made by MetalNightS
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