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  Seaview Dunes

Map originally from the game Powerslide. If you're bored of the El Morte Desert map, this one serves as a great alternative. The landscape includes a small patch of road surrounded by canyons, and a great wide-open desert to explore. Harm's first map, check it out!
 Made by Harmalarm
  Urban Brawl

Another map originally from the game Powerslide. This time it's a destroyed city, highlighted by wide streets, a parking garage, and a complete sewer system that's great for pulling some wicked stunts!
 Made by Harmalarm
  Downtown Vice Test Track

The downtown map originally from GTA: Vice City. Be aware, there are a few bugs with this map (ie. permanently frozen opponents), but that doesn't mean you can't still explore and have fun! It's part of a map from one of the greatest games of the last 20 years, what else do you want? A must have! Available in both low and high res versions.
 Made by Harmalarm
  Super Mario 64 Map Mod

Regrettably, I have not played Super Mario 64 in quite some time, but it remains one of the best console games ever made. This map recaptures the game in all it's glory: Carmageddon style! Complete with new pedestrians (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Toad, goombas, and the little bomb guys), new powerups (coins and boxes), and a new noncar (the giant black gonad of death), not to mention a seesaw bridge and air-blast cannons. This map has it all! One of the funnest, most well-developed maps I can remember in ages.
 Made by Harmalarm
  The Cactus

A very nice post-apoctalyptic arena for your smashing pleasure, complete with custom powerups and 4 giant flippers that spontaneously activate to throw your car into the spikes of the cactus hanging from the roof. A fan of Frankie Goes to Hollywood? You're in luck! Two Tribes blasts over the speakers while the crowd roars in approval. Amazing atmosphere, amazing map. Get it!
 Made by Harmalarm

Another map originally from the game Powerslide. Being born and raised in the southern U.S., of course I was raised on God, moonshine, and stock car racing, so naturally love this track! It's a small and simple map, but a real blast to drive!
 Made by Harmalarm

Another map originally from the game Powerslide. This time you invade an underground mineshaft, complete with mine face and yard. The level of detail for this map is amazing, lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Another instant classic! Includes new powerups and mines.
 Made by Harmalarm
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