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  007 Lotus Esprit
James Bond's infamous Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me". It's no Aston Martin, but it turns into a submarine!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  007 Lotus Esprit Submarine
Submarine version of Bond's Esprit. It's useless in the water, but that's okay, it still works on land!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '68 BMW 2002
The 2002 is one of my favorite cars of all-time, and this one has been highly modified. Fast as hell and soft as a pillow, handle this German classic with care!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '70 Monster Range Rover
I may be wrong, but this is the first 4x4x4 I can remember in C2. This monster comes with camoflauge livery, four-wheel steering, and a custom engine sound. Buyer beware: the physics are floaty as all hell, so say a prayer before you try to hit something!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '70 Police Range Rover
Police Range Rover, complete with CopCar engine noise and flashing hazard lights all around. Go kill the degenerates!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '70 Range Rover
Standard 1970 Range Rover, but with an Alsatian companion in the backseat. Take care of that pooch, he's detatchable!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '80 Volkswagen Scirocco
Another German classic, this time a sweet 1980 Scirocco. Comes with a much nicer black skin. Get rid of that yellow and schnell!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '11 Dodge Challenger
Twenty-first century American muscle! The 2011 Dodge Challenger is not the best of the Challenger's namesake, but you could do far worse...
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '11 Blood Riviera Remake
The best original car in C2, remade in Pip's own vision! Dan Dead is back in his new-and-improved Blood Riviera, a more sinister, fire-breathing hot rod from hell.
 Made by Pip the Pest
Mark Webber is tired of playing second fiddle to Sebastian Vettel, and he's not going to take it anymore. Fed up with his F1 inadequacies, Webbo went out and got him a lean, mean, ped-killing machine! It rides like a pie on a skateboard, but it makes a satisfying kill.
 Made by Pip the Pest
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