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  Bentley Continental Supersports
Unless you have an extra $300k laying around, this is more than likely the closest you're ever going to come to driving this Bentley. At least you won't have to worry about scratching the paint.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Bentley Continental Apoc
Fast, hard, and heavy, the Bentley SS might just be the perfect car to have in a post-apocalyptic world.
 Made by Pip the Pest
Here's a blast from the past: the awesome Tamiya Blackfoot R/C monster truck, all scaled-up. Fucking awesome!
 Made by Pip the Pest
They'll never see you coming in this super-mean killing machine. Complete with a working spoiler, Eagle-esque blade down the body, a blood-soaked livery, and fire-breathing from the exhaust, this Veyron is one hell of a ride!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Citroen CX
This classic French automobile certainly is a handful! Equipped with built-in "Gravity from Jupiter" and "Jelly Suspension", this car is a nightmare. Thankfully, Pip included an extra WAM to restore the settings to "normal". Go for a scenic drive through the country, just try not to hit anything!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Ed 101's Tashita
Once again Pip has revamped an original C2 car, and once again he has delivered. This time Ed's Tashita gets the treatment, and it's better than ever!
 Made by Pip the Pest
Interesting concept of a completely different type of law enforcement vehicle. Fine in a straight line, it pushes like a dump truck through turns. It may be small, but it's tougher than it looks. For a few laughs, check out the guy in the back under braking!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Enforcer 2
This Aston Martin DBS-turned-sadistic post-apoctalyptic police cruiser is fucking badass. Riddled with bullet holes and equipped with a row of ped-crushing claws up front, this piece from Pip is an instant classic and a personal fav.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Ford Granada 2.8 iNnjection
First of two versions of this classic European Ford. Highly-detailed with a nearly flawless model, be aware this car can drag down computer performance if you don't have a powerful machine.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Ford Granada 2.8i GHIA X
Second of the two versions of this car. All the same can be said, however I prefer the other version to this one.
 Made by Pip the Pest
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