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  Fiat 500
You won't win many fights with this car, but it's a favorite of Charlie Sheen's! That must count for something.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Peugeot 205 Griffe
A fine classic from Peugeot. Courez vers les collines!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Hawk III Remake
Another fine remake of a C2 classic from Pip, this time it's a badass Gumpert Apollo dressed up as Die Anne's Hawk. I love it!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Herb 'E' Monster Beetle
Herb E's Monster Beetle gets the PtP facelift! Shorter tires and four-wheel steering makes this Monster Beetle a lot more driveable than it's original counterpart.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Italian Job Coach
The Mini transporter from the original "Italian Job". Loaded with the Mini's from the bank heist, they are actually all detatchable. Watch in awe as it completely falls apart!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Very nice NFS port of the Lamborghini Murcielago.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Mad Morris
Pip's remake of the Mad Morris from C2. Less robust and a lot more unstable than the original, it still looks fucking sweet. Check out that blower!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Matra Simca Rancho
French LAV from the late 70's and early 80's. I know nothing about Matra's, but this one looks good!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Mini Cooper S
Nice rusty n' muddy Mini for your smashing pleasure. Comes with a custom engine sound!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Mustang GT500 Convertible
Another sweet NFS port, this time of the Mustang GT500 convertible.
 Made by Pip the Pest
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