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  '13 Dodge Challenger
Another great Challenger from Pip, this time a slight rework of '10 Challenger.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  BMW E30 M3
I'm a bit of a closet BMW fanatic, and this is one of my favorite Beamers, the M3. This thing looks amazing! NFS Shift 2 port.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Citroen GS
Citroen's don't get much love these days, but Pip delivers yet another slick Citroen model, this time the GS. It's a beaut!
 Made by Pip the Pest
Modified version of a hearse from a Mafia 2 port. This thing is so fucking sinister, little details such as the cross on the roof and funeral wreaths on the back make it one super creepy ride.
 Made by Pip the Pest
Another Mafia 2 port, this time it's a good ol' Woody wagon. Comes with a clean skin if you don't want to mess about in the rusty n' crusty skin (although that's the one I'd prefer!)
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Hot Rod Woody
Hot rod version of the Woody above. This definitely has that classic hot rod feel: custom flame paintjob, big-ass blower, custom wheels, and more! This thing is amazing!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Monster Woody
Next we have a monster truck version of the hot rod version of the Woody wagon from Mafia 2. Complete with monster truck tires, 4-wheel steering, and all the other monster accommodations we've come to expect from Pip, this is one hell of a sweet ride!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Jurassic Park Ford Explorer
Incredible recreation of the electric Jurassic Park Explorer from the classic Spielburg movie of the same name. The amount of detail that went into this is insane. Check out the interior view for the full "is it an earthquake, is it a Tyrannosaurus Rex" experiance.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Mercedes 190 Evolution 2
Another NFS Shift 2 port, this time of one of the most classic German cars ever made. The 190E is by far one of my favorite European cars ever made, and the amount of detail in this model is amazing. Pip sure knows how to pick 'em!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
Leave it to Pip to give us another Peugeot model, but this time he has created the grandaddy of them all: the 205 Turbo 16, one of the greatest Group B rally cars of all time. This may be the road-going version of it, but that doesn't make it any less fun!
 Made by Pip the Pest
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