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  Screwie Lewie 2012
Screwie Louie's Twister, reinvisioned by Pip. Now sitting upon those massive tires is a highly modified Lamborghini Murcielago. Without a doubt the best C2 remake by Pip to date, the amount of detail is STUNNING!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Sir Stinger Sharptooth
Very nice post-apoctalyptic killing machine. Decked out in saws and spikes, go slice 'n dice the competition!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Slam Sedan
Otis P Jivefuck's Slam Sedan gets the PtP treatment. Once again, an awesome remake, but at this point, would you expect anything less? Check out that system!
 Made by Pip the Pest
Wideboy's Street Machine was easily one of the worst car's in C2. Thanks to Pip, it is no more! Now gone are the goofy "thuthudthud" engine noise and hideous paint job, replaced by a blood-soaked livery, and a dead ped stuck in the windshield. Fantastic!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Subaru WRX STi
Another sweet NFS port of the Subaru WRX. Fast as shit!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  The General
Another sweet NFS port of the new Dodge Charger, with a 2-door facelift and dressed in The Duke Boys' livery! YEEEEEHAAAAWWW!!!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet
Rusty and crusty VW Golf for your smashing pleasure. Also availible in a drop-top!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '70 Camaro Z28
Super sharp port from Forza 4. This highly-customized Camaro looks outstanding!
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '71 Plymouth Roadrunner
Another Forza 4 port, this Roadrunner is one slick car! Availible in 6 different colors: plum, black, gold, lime, red, & yellow.
 Made by Pip the Pest
  '73 Trans-Am
One more Forza 4 port, this amazing '73 Trans-Am. Also availible in 4 different colors: white, black, gold, & red.
 Made by Pip the Pest
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