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Hold on to yer butts
29 December 2013 <15:20>
Well, here's that update I promised. Just added 13 more cars from Pip the Pest, including that amazing Jurassic Park Explorer, so why don't you head on over to his page's to check them out, if you haven't done so already. That's all for now, more to come soon (hopefully)!
Posted by cArmAkAze
I'm satan's fitness trainer, exercising demons
29 December 2013 <00:40>
It's been a long, hard road, but I'm finally back. A big thanks to Tosh for being patient with me while I get my life back in order, hopefully there will be no more 9 MONTH lulls in between updates! To get back into the groove of things, here are items I was suppose to post months ago. Some how, these two Impala's made by Slayer managed to go unposted for a decade, but here they are now in all their glory! Go get these two gems from Slayer's golden age on his new page. That's all for now, but I have a big update coming in the next couple days, and maybe more treats in the near future.

UPDATE: Going through more of my files, I found yet another lost Slayer car, a Corvette ZR-1. Not sure why or how it disappeared, but it's back for everyone to enjoy! So, go get it!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Explination for absence
18 June 2013 <15:20>
As you may or may not have noticed, Crashoc went into another one of those long hiatuses without any posts or news at all. It was not my intention to let the site go so long without an update. On April 2nd, I began experiancing some serious health issues that I don't care to go into great depth about, but as of now everything is starting to come back to normal. These issues have put me in a financial bind and I have not had internet access for some time now. Just letting everyone know that I did not give up on the site (again), but that I'm still here and, once I get all my physical and financial problems straightened out, I'll be back in full force. Thanks for your patience, we'll be back in a bit!
Posted by cArmAkAze
When I lash out, I rip eye lashes out
17 March 2013 <17:37>
Happy St. Patrickís Day everyone! Okay, Iím a bit late to the party compared to my compadres across the pond, but Iíve still got over 6 hours to make my Irish ancestors proud and drink myself into oblivion. So, to celebrate the most wonderful of all holidays, I have something really special. Harmalarm has released his highly-anticipated Isetta dragster for all of us to enjoy, and it is a beaut! Go and grab it on his page now! Hopefully, this is the first of many more micro cars to come in the future. Thatís all for now, go get this car and enjoy the rest of St. Paddyís Day. Hope everyone has fun and gets properly shitfaced, just remember to drink responsibly!
Posted by cArmAkAze
I'm like Ricky Ricardo except I Love Uzis
8 March 2013 <00:12>
Just a couple quick updates to announce. Just added two more cars to Harmalarm's page, including a car from a Disney cartoon?!? Absolutely! Also added an awesome C1 car by Harm to the C1 car's page. That's all for now, back to the DD2C2TC for me!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Destruction Derby 2 to Carmageddon 2 T/C
7 March 2013 <01:48>
The updates just keep on a comin'! This time I have something really special. Thanks to Harmalarm, Crashocalypse is now proud to host the Destruction Derby 2 to Carmageddon 2 Total Conversion! Combining the awesomeness of DD2 and the epicness of C2, Harm has basically created a whole new game, and it is fucking awesome! In short, if you haven't already downloaded this T/C, you need to. Just head over to the new DD2 to C2 T/C page and get it! And yes, more updates are still on the way...
Posted by cArmAkAze
Ain't nowhere but hell be safe
6 March 2013 <19:05>

So, I lied. Here's even more content from Harmalarm! Harm informed me that I was missing some of his more recent work and sent me the files, so here's a couple of his maps I missed. Thanks for the heads up, man! More to come in a bit.
Posted by cArmAkAze
Shame on a digger
5 March 2013 <21:39>
Well, it's a little later than I planned, but Harmalarm's cars page has now been uploaded. Again, thanks to Harm for letting us host all his awesome work, look for more from him in the very near future! I should have a few more things to upload tomorrow, not cars or maps, but something completely different. Oh, and before I forget, Crashoc has gone social! Be sure to check out our dank-ass Facebook page (that probably won't last long) for all the latest news in the Carmageddon community! Also, scroll down the menu bar and like us on Facebook! Tell your friends, tell your family! Let everyone know how insane you are!
Posted by cArmAkAze
4 March 2013 <21:12>

Howzit! It's time for another quick update. Thanks to Harmalarm from Harmalarm's Shelf, we are proud to be hosting some of his incredible work, including maps, cars, and maybe even a few other goodies. First up are his amazing maps, highlighted by the Super Mario 64 Mod you see pictured above. Not to mention a desert, a dilapidated city, a battle arena, and a full-out map of downtown Vice City, all of which can be found on his tracks page. Cars should up soon, so stick around!
Posted by cArmAkAze
1 March 2013 <05:31>

It seems that the ol' Carmageddon Webmasters Alliance board is turning 15 this year! Just think about that. 15 YEARS. That's pretty unbelievable, considering that for about the last 12 years we have had little or no new content at all. It just shows how awesome this community is, there aren't many out there that can brag about being around as long (and as strong!) as ours. So be sure to head over there and let everyone know much you appreciate this community, it wouldn't be near as awesome without fans like you!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Stab you with the Stanton
19 February 2013 <22:00>
Smack you with the Vestax. WOOO, I'm finished! Pip's fifth and final page (for now) has been uploaded for your driving pleasure, so head over there and start downloading! Once again, I have to extend a huge thanks to Pip the Pest for allowing us to host his cars. Can't wait to see what else Pip has in store for us in the future! All site maintenance is done for the most part, maybe a few things here and there. Stay tuned though, more updates are on the way!
Posted by cArmAkAze
A sideways death for a narrow grave
18 February 2013 <21:55>
Updates abound! Nothing else to report, just finished Pip's fourth page, so get over there! One more update to go, then it's back to business as usual.
Posted by cArmAkAze
We back at it like a bad habit
17 February 2013 <21:44>
Holy shit, more updates! Not much else to report, just finished uploading Pip's third page, so go and check them out! A couple more updates and then it's back to doing more tedious site work. Keep your eyes peeled though, lots more stuff on the way!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Are you a warrior? Killer?
17 February 2013 <01:38>
Two updates in three days? Impossible! I guess I've just been inspired, it's amazing how things changed while I was gone. Some of these cars and tracks you guys have made are absolutely INSANE! Speaking of insane cars, I just finished updating Pip's cars page 2, so go check them out, if you haven't already gotten them somewhere else. Expect a few more updates over the next few days. Don't forget, we are always looking for content to host, so if you would like to have your work featured here, send it my way and I would be more than happy to put it up!
Posted by cArmAkAze
I am the human torch, of course I got firearms
15 February 2013 <19:45>
Ahoy! For the first time in almost ten years, I'm making a post that contains actual content! WOOO! Not quite the new content that I promised, but it's new to me and the site! Thanks to the ever-gracious Pip the Pest, we will be hosting his cars from now on here at Crashoc. Thanks a lot, man! This is just the first of several waves of PtP's cars, be prepared for more in the following the days. Click the pic to go to his new page!

I also received word from Tosh that all files on the site are back up, with the exception of one: Beroc's MightyMonte for TDR2000. If anyone has this file, I would be forever grateful if you shoot it to me so we can have this site up and running to full capacity!
Posted by cArmAkAze
Something wicked this way comes...
9 February 2013 <06:05>
Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years! Nah, this definitely is a comeback. Due to a renewed interest in Carmageddon (and a severe case of boredom), I decided it was time to BRING IT THE FUCK BACK. To my surprise, I find that ol' Crashoc is still alive and kicking! Thanks to the dudes over at Archive Team and Toshiba-3, this relic continues to exist. A huge, HUGE thanks goes to Toshiba for putting in the time, effort, and webspace to keep this place around. None of this would be possible without you, man! As you may or may not have noticed, the site is at about 99.9% perfect running order. No more broken page links, and very nearly all the files are restored. With the re-emergence of Crashoc, expect activity to pick up in the following weeks. New(!) content, a new page design & layout, and all sorts of goodies, so stay tuned.

EDIT: I would be remissed if I didn't give some massive gratitude to ChevyII for continuing to run the site in the absence of everyone else. Wherever you are man, thanks, and you're always welcome here at Crashocalypse!
Posted by cArmAkAze
The downloads, man.
17 January 2013 <11:59>

Hi, Tosh here. Mid-2012, Fileplanet was archived for good and it took with it all the files it hosted for so long. Crashoc's downloads were among them and it seemed like there was no way to get them back as no one still had access to the hosting account.

Ah well, helped by Spirit from the Archive Team (they do an amazing job), Crashoc' got 80% of the files back and the rest should follow in a near future. The downloads are now hosted on and if you happen to stumble upon a dead link/missing file, just drop me a line at: and I'll have a look for said missing file :)
Posted by Toshiba-3
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